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Listing your business on many websites is one of many tangible things you can do to increase your own website’s search engine ranking. However, it is not as simple as that. Here is a list of guidelines that will maximize your efforts and get results:

– Only list your business website or do reciprocal links with other websites if it makes sense for your business to appear there – Is it a site related to your field or industry? Is it a business listing site? If you post anywhere and everywhere the search engines will view those as irrelevant results and your website can be left out in the cold all together.
– There is little benefit to listing your business if you can not also list either your phone number or URL. If you can only list your phone number you will at least have a link to your phone number off of mobile listing sites, but being able to list your URL is the most effective traffic driver. Otherwise, don’t bother. Never, Ever pay for a listing that doesn’t let you list your website address as a hyperlink.
– If you are going to pay to list your business, check to see how high the business you are paying ranks on search engines itself, first by doing a search by their name and then by doing a search by one of the categories they offer to list in. I would want to see them appear on the first two pages of Google or Bing.

After you have vetted the sites you are going to list your business on by using the criteria above, the next step is crucial to your efforts being a success; make sure you fill out each profile as completely and effectively as possible.
– Fill out every field that you can, the more information you can put out about your business in as many different places, asked in slightly different ways helps get your contact information and keywords out there.
– Give your social media pages when asked, when a page with a large following, such as a high ranking business listing site, likes or follows you it gives you visibility to a high perecentage of its followers.
– Make sure you pick categories or keywords when asked
– Make sure that your website will be listed as a hyperlink to drive traffic back to your business.
– Use hyperlinks to your website in your business description if it is allowed.
– Create a business description that communicates exactly what you offer. – Mix it up. First, use words that the people who call you for your services or products use to describe what you do or have. Second, use words that you use to describe what you do (the official vernacular). This will help your business listings to come up for a variety of search queries, and hopefully you will use just the right word to bring in the customer looking for you!

We encourage you to take a look at your listing on The Women In Motion Business Group and make sure that it meets these standards. Email Rebecca if you need it changed or have questions how you can make it better. Doing this simple exercise will help you improve all your business listings.

If you are a woman business owner and have not already taken advantage of our FREE business listings, which are ranking very well for our members, sign up today!

Rebecca LeClaire – SEO and Online Marketing Expert, WIMBG Contributor



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