How to Make Your Writing Charismatic and Powerful with 10 Online Tools




You were always good with grammar and vocabulary? You don’t have a problem constructing few sentences on a given topic? That doesn’t make you a good writer. If your text is incapable of evoking emotion, the readers will be left without any impressions. You want to write memorable, powerful, and charismatic content! The following online resources will help you with that!


General Tips for Writers


    1. 7 Simple Edits that Make Your Writing 100% More Powerful




A good writer has to know how to edit. This popular editing guide is on point. The author offers 7 editing rules that will instantly transform your style and enable you to convey a clearer message. Basically, you need to avoid using grammar expletives, replace weak verbs with action verbs, avoid weak adjectives, get rid of verbose colloquialisms, skip nominalization, improve clarity by using commas, and use noun modifiers as much as possible.


These tips seem complicated, since you have to master the English grammar in order to implement them into practice. However, you’ll understand everything thanks to the clear guide supported with examples.


    1. 8 Qualities of Powerful Writing




This article is mostly aimed towards academic writers, but it can certainly help any author make his style more believable. The tips are focused on powerful writing. Take few minutes to go through this online resource, and you’ll understand what your content has been lacking all this time. If you manage to follow the tips, your work will be more passionate and compelling.


    1. Writer’s Digest – Follow These Rules for Stronger Writing




Writer’s Digest is the ultimate source of functional tips for authors. This guide, in particular, teaches you how to start writing stronger pose with practice, discipline, and conscious awareness of the entire process. The beginning seems a bit abstract, but the actual tips are very practical. When you think your writing is getting boring, these tips will get you out of that state.


    1. 19 Powerful Writing Skills that Will Supercharge Your Copy




Michael Karp, the author of this blog, is a former freelance writer, newspaper columnist and research assistant. He understands how the writing industry works and knows what readers expect to see in the content they encounter on the web. Online content writers can really benefit from his marketing tips. In this fun post, Michael tells you which skills you should work on if you want to make your content more powerful. The guide is quite long, so plan at least an hour of your time. You won’t regret it!


Editing Tools for Writers


    1. ProWritingAid




Now that we covered the guides, let’s get to the actual tools that will turn you into an influential writer. ProWritingAid is automated editing software that will eliminate errors from your content. In addition, it will help you make the text more readable. With the free version, you get 19 writing reports for text of maximum 3000 words. If you decide to upgrade, you’ll benefit from interactive editing, no word limits, and more detailed reports. The Premium+ plan includes a plagiarism checking feature.


    1. EssayMama




This custom-writing agency provides effective editing assistance. Try submitting one of your articles and you’ll be amazed with the results you get. The difference between EssayMama and other editing services is that you’ll collaborate with an editor who understands the content you provide. He will not focus solely on grammar and spelling; he will offer effective suggestions on how to make the piece stronger and more charismatic.


    1. The Readability Test Tool




Confusing content is not powerful content. You don’t need to use the biggest words you know. Don’t even think about implementing the word of the day featured at… that will only make you look silly. The Readability Test Tool will tell you how clean your copy is. It relies on five readability indicators to come up with scores that indicate whether or not your text needs simplifying.


Ideas Generating Tools


    1. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator




A writer has to have style, but it’s the idea that brings him closer to the readers. When you create something new on daily basis, it’s easy to get stuck in a dark place. This is the right tool to use in such situations. Tweak Your Biz is a title generating tool that helps you find the most creative approach to the topic you’re about to elaborate.


Make this test: enter the topic writing and hit submit. You’ll get a huge number of title suggestions separated in few categories: lists, questions, how to, motivation, business, celebrities, and Ing (this last category is completely unnecessary, so we can just ignore it).


    1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator




This is another idea generator that will get you out of a writer’s block. Once you enter the subject, you’ll start getting creative suggestions for titles for as long as you hit the refresh button. Some of the ideas will be outrageous. For example, here is a suggestion you might get when you enter writing as a subject: How Writing is Part of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. When you think about it, this topic is not silly at all. At least it will get you plenty of readers and comments.


    1. Ruggenberg Title Generator




Not many writers are aware of this tool. That might give you an advantage, since you’ll get fresh ideas that haven’t been exhausted in the blogosphere. When you compare it with the previous two idea generators, the difference is that this one offers titles suitable for books and stories. Plus, it’s totally random. You don’t enter any subjects; you just hit the Give Me Some Titles button, and you’ll get 6 interesting compositions that will inspire you to write charismatic content.



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