Beginner’s Guide: How to Market With YouTube

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How to market with YouTube

First things first.

Why market with YouTube?

Here are 3 reasons to market with YouTube:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (search engines love video)
  2. Video is becoming more popular and
  3. Video still makes you look cool

Your videos don’t have to be complicated. Click this link for a tutorial I wrote on how to make simple videos.

What to Do First

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to market with YouTube, here are two things you will need to do before you get started. They are:

Building a following on YouTube is more brawn than brains. By this I mean, it’s doable but you have to make an effort. Remember these tips:

  • Create high quality content and share consistently (Pro tip: Create an editorial calendar to make sure you are creating content with a purpose.)
  • Treat YouTube like the social channel it is and view, comment on and share other people’s work
  • Develop your brand so people know what to expect (hint: this will take a little discipline) and
  • Optimize your videos and your channel for search (see above)

If you get stuck don’t be afraid to hire an expert. While it’s okay to produce short, informal video, there may be a time and a reason for you to go “pro.”

Okay, now that you have done all of the above, you can start marketing with YouTube!

How to Market With YouTube

A big part of marketing with YouTube is making sure that you have the fundamentals in place. Those fundamentals are:

  • Creating an attractive site
  • Updating it regularly with quality content and
  • Telling your brand’s story through your content

Once you have done the heavy lifting, you will need to promote your videos on your other social media sites just as you would your blog. For example, you can pin your videos onto Pinterest, share links on Facebook and tweet new additions on Twitter.

Here are some tips to get you started with YouTube marketing:

  • Custom links and social media. You can add a custom link to your site as well as links to the four social media channels of your choice, which will give you a little Google juice and drive traffic to your various sites and channels.
  • Annotations. You can add little pop-ups to your YouTube videos with calls to action such as subscriber links and links to your social media. Cool, huh?</li>
  • Analytics. YouTube has great analytics. Study your YouTube analytics to find out more about the popularity of your content and when your audience is viewing it.

A word about ads. Some people say that YouTube ads are still an effective form of advertising. I personally find those ads annoying and would encourage you to find other ways to monetize your content.


While getting your YouTube presence together is a bit of a front end commitment, marketing with YouTube is a powerful tool.

Your Turn

Have you been marketing with YouTube? How’s it going?



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