How to Negotiate Family Friendly Perks at Work

One of the toughest things for any woman is balancing family and work. It’s one the many reasons women either choose to work part-time, work from home , or search for other part-time opportunities. But for thousands of other women, this is not an option. They have to stay at their 9-5 gigs and find a way to make all the pieces fit. If this is you, check out these ways to negotiate family friendly perks at work.

Family Friendly Perks at Work: Negotiating Flexible Hours

family friendly perks at work

The regular 9-5 or 8-4 schedule doesn’t quite work with your family obligations. Since quitting your job is not an option, why not try to work out some flexible hours? Maybe you can go in earlier to get out earlier. Or perhaps you need the morning off and working later into the evening works better for you. Whatever the case, if you want to ask for flex hours, you need to assure your boss the quality of your work will not suffer. Many employers may be reluctant to negotiate family friendly perks at work because they’re afraid the job won’t get done right. If your boss is willing to give flexible hours a try, you need to make sure you are still doing what you were hired to do.

Family Friendly Perks at Work: Have a Plan

If you need to leave early to see your son’s football games, be sure your employer know the work will still get done. The worst thing you can do is walk into your boss’ office laying out the problems your work schedule creates for your family life. Instead, present your dilemma is a more positive way to show you have a plan as to how the work will still get done while you enjoy whatever perk you may be asking for.

Family Friendly Perks at Work: Know What You are Owed

If you’re looking to negotiate family friendly perks at work, you need to first understand what you are legally owed. Many of what you can expect is found under the Family and Medical Leave Act. This allows men and women to take time off to take care of family without losing their jobs.

Family Friendly Perks at Work: Work from Home


family friendly perks at work
Mother working in home office with baby

While more employers are starting to embrace telecommuting there are still plenty of others who wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Many don’t see how you can be productive if you’re not in the office. But, telecommuting is a great family friendly perk that helps many women try to balance it all. In order to negotiate this as one of the family friendly perks at work you need to assure your boss the workload will get done just as efficiently as if you were on site. You also need to be available for conference calls and perhaps even video conferences. When you’re working out the details, you can offer it as a trial basis. Hopefully it will work out for you and your boss. If it does you can maybe set up a more permanent telecommuting schedule.


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