How to Organize Paperwork for People Who Hate Organizing AND Paperwork

Let’s face it, you hate paperwork. Whether it’s important business documents or your personal tax return, paperwork is something you avoid.

And organizing? Forget about it. Besides, you somehow find everything in your mountains of stacked papers, right?

Well, here are some startling stats that should change your mind.

We spend a year looking for lost items, 23% of people admit to paying bills late because they lose them, and 80% of the items we keep we never use (or only use once).

So, what did we learn? It’s time you learn how to organize paperwork!

How to Organize Paperwork (Even If You Hate It)

Are you the type of person that throws your papers and mail on your desk? Even if you hate organizing, you’ll be shocked how easy these methods are.

Utilize a File Cabinet

Instead of throwing all of your papers on your desk, invest in a file cabinet. Label each drawer by category (bills, sensitive documents, etc.) and place all of your papers in these drawers.

If you have many documents, separate your paperwork further into manila folders. Label them by business, document type, purpose, importance, time sensitivity, etc.

Keep Your Receipts Separate

Saving receipts is a great way to monitor your expenses and use them toward taxes. However, it’s easy to lose receipts and find them months later under your bed. Always keep your receipts separate from the rest of your documents.

Keep a folder in the glove compartment of your car. When you purchase an item, save that receipt. If you plan on itemizing your tax deductions, create a separate folder for business expense receipts.

Keep Urgent Paperwork on Your Desk

Should you file away urgent paperwork that’s due ASAP? You can. But many people may forget about their deadlines or those documents they need to mail.

If you do need to keep any paperwork on your desk, it’s anything that’s time sensitive.

Should you just keep them sprawled out on your desk? Invest in a wire tray or a file separator so your documents can at least look neat on your desk.

Shred Any Unnecessary Documents

Should you save all documents? You can likely throw out the majority of your papers. A shredder will become your best friend. You can destroy and throw out any documents, especially if it contains your sensitive information.

Create a Paperwork Organization Plan

Now that you organized your paperwork, who said you won’t make a mess out of your office again? This is why you need to create a paperwork organization plan.

This should highlight each step in the organization process; for example, what to do with mail, printed documents, etc.

Always keep this plan visible. Who knows what your colleagues or family members will do with their paper.

Go Digital

If all else fails, scan your most essential documents and keep everything digital. This will help rid of any paper clutter and you’ll still have access to your documents.

How can you store your documents? You have many options. For example, there are many programs for all niches, such as accounting. Read this comparison by PieSync to look at your options.

Now You Have an Organized Office!

Now that you know how to organize paperwork, do you need more advice for your business? We offer many helpful entrepreneurship tips, especially for women!