How to Simplify Your Life with Cloud Storage

Simplify Life With Cloud StorageBusinesses continue to look for new ways to optimize their IT infrastructure using the cloud while reducing their expenses. If you’re interested in simplifying your life, cloud storage is a practical solution. The flexibility of cloud-based services makes it possible to achieve new levels of efficiency, allow team members to collaborate more easily and give your company an edge over the competition.

Cloud Storage 101

Flash drives, CDs and other traditional methods of storing data can be found in most offices. However, cloud storage utilizes the Internet as a means of retaining data for individuals or organizations. Third-party providers maintain servers that store information that’s accessible via an online connection, and service agreements can be easily upgraded to add additional space. All this means you don’t have to worry about managing multiple devices, making your life and workload simpler.

Automatic File Backup

Document retention is something every organization has to contend with. Backing up electronic files takes time and resources, which isn’t conducive to revenue generation or value-added activities. If you work in a large organization, backing up files takes dedicated servers and an IT support plan to protect and preserve information. With cloud storage, automatic file backup and protection saves all the relevant stakeholders time and money. Life becomes simpler without all the manual storage routines and extra processing steps.

Reduction of Overhead

Wages and maintenance costs are among the highest expenses organizations have to pay. If you’re a manager or senior leader, cutting these costs makes life simpler. Cloud storage allows you to reallocate IT personnel to revenue-generating activities and reduces the amount of the money needed to perform IT maintenance. Outsourced data solutions also have the potential to improve the bottom line and make managing cash flows a simpler and more efficient process.

Fewer Cash Outlays

Purchasing servers, computers and data storage devices require a significant cash outlay. Although purchasing memory isn’t expensive, the hardware needed requires expenditure and upkeep, making cloud storage an ideal alternative. As businesses struggle to compete in the global economy, budgets have become tighter, making it necessary to switch operating models to maintain a competitive advantage. A cloud storage service offers greater versatility while reducing cash outlays associated with IT infrastructures.

Enhanced Data Security

The result of any sort of data thievery can range from a public relations disaster to legal implications, both of which require a lot of time and energy to resolve. In a typical office, unauthorized access or the misappropriation of portable storage devices is a constant threat, and the cloud has its own set of concerns when it comes to security. Yet, third-party service providers typically use state-of-the-art encryption and storage procedures to secure your data. Efforts are also under way to make life less stressful and risky when it comes to cloud security, allowing business to know that their data is as secure as it would be in an on-site location, if not more so.

With its cost and time benefits, the cloud is making it possible to optimize data storage capacities and streamline IT tasks. To simply your life and workflow, look to cloud storage for the optimal support and watch your efficiency rise in the process.


Amy Bishop works in marketing and digital strategy for a startup in Indianapolis. You can connect with Amy on TwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest.


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