How to Start a Freelancing Career

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Whether you have the entrepreneurial spirit or you’re just sick of your current job, freelancing can be a tempting and viable option. The good news is, almost anyone can be a freelancer. All it takes is motivation, hard work and a few other things to be on your way down a new career path. Before you go on and quit that job for the world of freelance, there are some things you need to know.

The first thing you need to consider before embarking on your freelance journey is what you can offer or in other words, your marketable skills. It sounds like a cliché business or resume term but essentially that is what you need. You need something that you can offer companies that will provide them value.

Some of the most popular freelancing services offered are web design, graphic design, writing and journalism because they are services that are high in demand and can be done remotely. However, any service that you can provide to an organization that gives them value can be turned into a freelancing service. Determine what you have experience in, what your skills are and develop a fee for it.

Have experience in sales and cold calling? Offer to sell and make calls for an organization. Experience in HR and recruiting? Many companies have an HR department and there are hundreds of staffing companies out there, offer your services there. If you are having trouble finding something that you can offer, take a class. Invest in a something that teaches you an applicable skill (writing, web design, graphic design, computer programming, sales) and then use that in your freelancing.  Once you have determined what you can offer, design pricing plans for your services. This will make it easier for you and easier for your new potential clients to work with you. If your freelancing services are unique from client to client and pricing plans might not work, meet with the client and then deliver them a proposal.

Joe Kaufman is a professional freelancer and editor of the newly formed Freelance Push. Joe has developed content across a wide variety of industries.

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