How to Succeed in Writing an Essay about Leadership Qualities

How to Succeed in Writing an Essay about Leadership Qualities

What is the definition of a good leader?

They are so many different
areas of life which requires the expertise, the skills and talents which
natural leaders possess. Various different types of
leadership may be needed in order to ensure meaningful, healthy and
effective leadership. However there are a lot of
confusion among many people about the specific qualities which leaders should
have but mostly the essential skills which will be required will include things
such as the ability to delegate and also to know when exactly this leadership
right should be used. Another very important skill which all leadership should
have is the ability to communicate effectively and not merely to communicate
but also to ensure that the message has been correctly received and that
everyone understands the objectives which has to be achieved. Furthermore any
leader should have a strong commitment to the collective objective and they
should pursue that objective with a single-minded dedication and they should inspire
others to do likewise.

The willingness to set an example

There are unfortunately many
people who have become leaders because of a confluence of different interests
and circumstances and many of this people lack the killer instinct when it
comes to take the lead and when to be an example and also to inspire others to
do so. This can be very problematic in all areas of life, whether it be the business environment, religious organizations,
politicians or government employees, not having the ability to know
instinctively when to act and also how to act could have a negative impact upon
the subordinates of the leader. Such a situation will be counterproductive and
could lead to many problems when such a situation is not addressed as quickly
as possible. Far too many people in leadership positions is constantly
procrastinating and they practice a passive form of leadership which means that
they react to situations instead of taking control and being proactive. This
can lead to a lot of indecision among their subordinates and when this
situation is not addressed as quickly as possible the consequences can be very

True leaders is always confident in themselves

Even if the situation which
is encountered should appear to be hopeless true leaders never succumb to those
situations and they never gave any indication to their subordinates that they
are under pressure and that they are unsure about how to proceed
because this will have a negative impact upon employee morale. This most
certainly does not mean that leaders will not occasionally make mistakes but it
is truly regrettable that so many leaders will attempt to cover up their
mistakes and they will expect their subordinates to do the same so that top
management can remain under the false impression that the leader is always
professional and experienced and never makes mistakes. The problem is that such
a situation does not produce good moral values and such a leader does not
produce the kind of leadership capabilities that will stimulate healthy growth
among their subordinates. Areal leader will always take responsibility for
their mistakes and they may even discuss their mistakes with
a subordinates
. They might even ask the advice of subordinates and will
recognize the positive impact of those employees where necessary and they will
even commend those employees to management.

Leaders should inspire trust

It is critically important
that everyone in a high-level team should always have the back of everyone else
and in this regard leaders should take the lead and they should be an example
to their subordinates. When there is no trust among team members and when
members feel that they cannot rely upon other members then this can have
serious implications and it may become difficult and even impossible to achieve
the objectives which has been entrusted to that team.
This is exactly why a leader should immediately address any issues that could
be interpreted as individualism, backstabbing and other counterproductive
actions which may not be in the best interest of the team objectives. A real
leader never claims to be a know it all, but they understand the value of
teamwork and they are fully aware of the strengths of each individual member of
their team and they will always endeavor to make full use of all available
human resources because they know that doing so will ensure that the best
possible results could be achieved in the shortest amount of time.

Dividing tasks according to team members strengths

Even though a team member may
be an extremely capable individual, this does not mean that they are equally
good with everything which the team may be required to do. Good leaders
recognize their own shortcomings and they also recognize the strengths of
others and therefore they will delegate specific tasks to those team members
who are the best qualified to deal with those issues. When this approach is
used the performance of the team increases substantially and this could really
boost profitability and a lot more could be done when leaders lead
intelligently and wisely. The importance of strong communication skills can
never be over emphasized when it comes to effective leadership. It is not
merely the communication of facts and details which is important, but what is even more important is how that information is
communicated and also how that message and instructions is received by those
who have to carry them out.

Constant self-improvement is vital

Stagnant leadership will
never be conducive to team growth, but when a leader is constantly enlarging
their own vision and horizons and when they are constantly pursuing things
which will enable them to grow as leaders, then that will always stimulate the
team members to simulate that example and when this happens the results can be
truly spectacular. The time has come for corporations and businesses to once
again consider those elements which is truly important
when it comes to effective and intelligent leadership. New information is
constantly emerging which when implemented can truly help leaders to excel as
never before.

Author: George S., freelance

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