How to Survive the Holidays as a Working Female

Christmas shopping stressEveryone knows the holidays can be a great deal of work. For a female entrepreneur or businesswoman, this work feels never ending. With expectation of buying gifts, planning holiday parties, making cookies, and sending cards, the holidays can become more of a chore.

If this sounds like you, it is time to change your ways! You deserve to enjoy the holidays too, simply follow this simple advice.

Maximize Your Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is probably the most time intensive part of the holiday season. There are many ways to make your holiday shopping efficient and effective. First, start early! If you start early, you will be able to fit shopping into your normal routine. See a great game for your niece while grocery shopping in August? Grab it! This will lessen the likelihood of needing an entire day or two of shopping as the busy holiday season approaches. When buying early, you can even pick up a generic gift when convenient, and decide who to give it to later!

One of the greatest ways to decrease holiday shopping time is to buy gifts online! With so many online retailers, you will be able to find something for everyone on your list without having to fight traffic and wait in line.

Let Your Family Help you Decorate

Yes, many of us women love our home decorated pristinely. It feels great looking at a perfectly decorated tree and nicely aligned stockings. But, do you know what does not feel great? The stress of doing all this yourself just to achieve that perfection. This year, sit back and let your kids, nieces, or nephews decorate. You may even find that the family time brings more joy than a perfectly decorated living room.

Create Personalized Cards Online

Writing out Christmas cards by hand takes a great deal of time. Find a great photo and create a card online. Sure, you can’t always include a message specifically for the recipient. But, you will be providing a great picture for them. Plus, many people are more interested in seeing a picture than just your writing anyways!

Only Take On What You Can Handle

The Holidays are jammed packed with obligations. Be sure to only take on the tasks that you can handle. Better yet, take on the tasks that you enjoy! This will make them feel less like work. Do you love hosting the family holiday but hate making Christmas cookies? Choose to take on the former. Or, do you love attending a family gathering, but dislike your work party? Choose the party you prefer and stay home for the other!

Set Aside Time for Your Favorite Holiday Movie

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we often forget to enjoy it. As busy as you may feel, it is essential to set aside some downtime. Can declare every Sunday evening as “Christmas Movie Night”? Or, maybe just a few evenings? Either way, sit back, sip some hot cocoa and enjoy the holiday cheer!

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