How to Tame Your Social Media Marketing Mega Monster

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Tame Your Social Media Marketing Mega Monster

Have you ever felt as if social media marketing is a monster that just can’t be tamed?

I know, some of us out there (perhaps they are not working parent solopreneurs!) just love to spend hours on social media.

Well, for the rest of us, social media is a job that must be done. It can be outsourced, yes! And that is a good idea if you can afford it.

However, even if you can afford it, you should have a handle on how it’s done. Outsourcing is cool but, frankly, given the time, there are few things that can can be done that you can’t do better (unless they involve programming in C++ or similar).

If you don’t learn to tame the social media mega monster it can really be a time sink.

Case in point: as I was researching this post I searched for niche social media networks for divorced women. I didn’t find the niche network of my dreams, but I did find a link to “soft kink at the Church of the Soul” meetup.

People, that is the type of social media marketing mega monster that could knock me over!

To help you keep this type of thing under control, I have put together a basic social media marketing program for beginners. See what you think.

10 Simple Steps to Tame Your Social Media Marketing Mega Monster

  1. Focus, focus, focus. Remember location, location, location from our real estate friends? Since you can’t do everything, do a few things well. Yes, you need a presence on the Big 5 (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Google+). If you find another site or two that really targets your audience, it is worthwhile to create a strong presence there as well.
  2. Get organized. Think of each account as its own ecosystem and organize around that ecosystem always thinking in terms of your audience.
  3. Have a point. What is the purpose of your presence on each site? Be able to articulate a reason for posting on Facebook beyond “everyone’s doing it.”
  4. Create an editorial calendar. For each channel, create an editorial calendar using a spreadsheet. Organize the calendar around the needs of your audience and the features of each channel. Remember: content is queen. Your content should be relevant to your audience, shareable, entertaining, educating or, ideally, all four.
  5. Be a good listener. At the very least, schedule regular times to scan through the conversations on the social channels on which you are active. This allows you to make more pertinent contributions.
  6. Respond. The beauty of social media marketing is engagement. Make sure your accounts are connected to your phone or checked regularly so you can respond quickly to comments.
  7. Avoid saturation. Chances are you have followers on multiple networks. Make sure you introduce enough variety that people aren’t being bombed with the same link across networks.
  8. Create a crisis plan. Consider this: maybe someone will be offended by my soft kink link (see above). Up until this point I haven’t had any negative press online. But I know it can happen. The fundamentals are this: respond quickly and publicly and admit your mistakes if they happen.
  9. Use your style guide. When you started your company, you probably set up a website and a style guide. When possible, use your logo, a standard profile picture, a tagline, standard address information, colors, fonts, etc.
  10. Measure. This is tricky, I know. But, as they say, it isn’t marketing if it isn’t measurable. Social media marketing is time consuming, so don’t waste yours. Find a way to find out if it’s working!

If you follow these 10 simple steps you will be so far ahead of the game you won’t even have to use the word “competitor.”

NICHE I Say More?

I spoke about focus, but another important marketing tool to consider is the niche network.

Most people are at least attempting to have a presence on the Big 5 (see saturation, above). It is, however, possible that you would do better with a niche networking site.

Here are 15 niche social networks from Sitepoint to inspire you. As we speak, I’m sure more are in the works!

I know what I said about outsourcing, but will someone please develop and launch a niche social networking site for divorced women? I need one and I don’t have time to build it myself!

10 Social Media Management Apps to Tame The Mega Monster

While we are at it, here are 10 tools you can review to help you manage your program. I personally use hootsuite, and I love it.

Your Turn

How do you tame the social media marketing mega monster? Let us know in the comments.


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