How to Understand and Target Your Digital Audience

As a digital marketer, you need to understand your digital audience to be able to develop a digital marketing strategy that is solid, relevant and effective. This is the key to selling more than ever before as you’ll be certain to increase conversions rather than just having a surge in meaningless page views.

Understanding your digital audience involves knowing their demographics, interests, preferences, behaviours, and concerns so you can create a content marketing strategy and other and products that engage.

Here are three things you need to do to understand and target your digital audience.

Profile your audience

Having an understanding of the psychographics and demographics of your digital audience will give insight into their unique needs and wants. It means that you must take time to research by conducting surveys or even looking at secondary data. You can then use the findings to create buyer personas.

Profiling will not only help you to understand the audience you are seeking to attract but also gain insight of where they are in their purchasing journey. You’ll also be able to identify the kind of content that convinces them to transition from brand awareness to making an actual purchase.

Most importantly, you can be sure to tell where to find your audience and the digital marketing channels that you must prioritise to ensure reach. With a custom customer profile, you can create targeted campaigns that are tailored to resonate with the needs of your audience.

Look up your competitors’ audience

The challenge with digital audiences is that they are everywhere. Therefore, it can be difficult to single out your audience. You’ll do well to focus on platforms that offer the greatest returns even for your competitor. Making a quick comparison between your audience and your competitors’ is the gateway to understanding their positioning.

This positioning relates to their digital strategy, their presentation on various digital platforms, their targeted keywords and the social networks they’re on, as well as how their profiles look. Ultimately, you must find out ways in which your brand is unique compared to your competitors. Only then will you channel your efforts into creating content that will set your brand apart while connecting with your targeted digital audience.

Consider social listening and analytics

Social listening lets you leverage customer personas so you can find out where they are on social platforms, interact with them and even track their behaviour online.

To understand digital audiences, you must also consider using digital analytic tools. These are critical in establishing a precise profile of your audience including behaviours, demographics and what they want, together with sources of friction for your customers.

Some of the highly useful and insightful data you can gather from analytics includes the best-converting traffic sources, keywords, landing pages, and content. Analytics will help you to remain relevant and present your product in a manner that appeals to your digital audience, making it easier to gain customers.

Generally, social listening and analytics form a critical link to building your customer profile since they offer you an understanding of your digital audience that’s based on data. Consequently, you can come up with a digital strategy that is focused and informed.

Overall, the ability to identify and understand your digital audience is a great asset because you will know how to target them based on how they act, think and behave. This means you create messages that your audience can relate to and single out the best opportunities to reach your digital audience.



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