How to Use Twitter Like a Marketing Agency Professional

Ask ten people what they think about using Twitter for business and you’ll likely get ten different answers. Surprisingly, many people think Twitter is a waste of time. Perhaps that’s because they don’t know all of the things Twitter can do and how valuable it can actually be. In this blog post I’ll be sharing some of the tactics we use here at Media Fusion; helping you learn how to use Twitter like a Marketing Agency Pro!

Let’s take a look at these five things you probably didn’t know about Twitter:

How to Use Twitter is a  Search Engine:

That’s right. Twitter isn’t just a social media platform, its powerful advanced search feature helps allows you to search real time conversations. This can be extremely powerful if you’re in sales or marketing because you’re able to engage in conversations related to your product or service. For example, if you’re a wedding planner, wouldn’t you want to know about couples getting engaged in your area? Twitter is perfect for this! By simply searching the hashtag #engaged you’ll see everyone who is announcing their engagement on Twitter. Only service couples in a particular area? No problem. You can narrow down by location as well. But Twitter’s advanced search feature doesn’t stop there. You can also search keywords, people, places and even tone.  These results would more difficult to find in a Google search.

How You Can Use Lists:

Twitter lists help you monitor and organize conversations. Improving your chances of finding what you want, quickly. You can create a list for anything you’d like. For example, I work with a variety of clients and industries. I use Twitter lists to organize conversations by subjects like health, business, music, etc. This allows me to quickly react when I see a conversation that may be of interest to a client.

How to Filter Conversations with #Hashtags:

Wonder what all of those #hashtags are about? They’re actually keywords. Click on any of the hashtags and you’ll see all of the conversation associated with that term. The Twitter feed will show conversations from everyone using that hashtag, not just people you follow. This is perfect for monitoring conversations and engaging. Often times you’ll see movie trailers, commercials and TV shows using hashtags to promote their product, show or event. Brands monitor these hastags to see how much buzz is being generated before, during and after the launch. This data is critical to the brand manager and fun for the end user.

How to Use Twitter to Promote a Contest:

Regal Cinemas created a gift card giveaway contest. The contest asked users to follow @RegalMovies and retweet (RT) one of their messages to qualify for a chance to win one of five $25 gift certificates. To announce the contest, Regal targeted users similar to their existing followers with Promoted Tweets (Twitter Ads) in timelines. This allowed them to place messages in front of people likely to be interested in their content and extend the reach of their campaign. Regal significantly increased engagement during their campaign. In fact, they received over 8,900 Retweets—a 4x increase compared to similar, organic campaigns. Overall, Regal saw an engagement rate of 3.5% with their Promoted Tweets. They also gained more than 10,000 new followers in the first four days of the campaign.

People Know When You’re Just Pushing out Tweets:

It drives me nuts when I see people push messages from Facebook to Twitter. That’s not what Twitter is for! People are on Twitter and not on Facebook for a reason. It’s obvious when you’re pushing your messages out and it’s a great way to lose followers. In fact, you probably have lost followers but never saw it because you don’t pay attention. Twitter can be really great when it’s used properly. People often pay more attention to direct messages (DM) or direct tweets because they don’t receive as many of those as emails. Twitter is great for reaching out and conversing in real time. It’s kind of like AOL instant messenger. Remember that?

Do you have any Twitter tips that you’d like to share? Let’s hear them!

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