How to Visit an Art Museum with Your Kids

Art museums and kids. They’re two things that you may think don’t go together at all. Truth be told, a visit to an art museum is a great family activity. But, just like any other activity with the kids, it’s all in the planning. Just like you gear up for a family road trip, you need to get ready for the art museum. Here are some ideas so your day runs picture perfect.

How to Visit an Art Museum With Your Kids: Do Your Homework

Whether you’re going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or a small local art exhibit, have an idea of what you’re going to see. How else are you going to answer your child’s questions? While you’re not expected to know every last detail of each painting, you should have some ideas about a few of the paintings you’ll see when you visit an art museum. This not only educates you, but shows your child that you have an interest. Usually if you’re excited about something, your child will be too.

How to Visit an Art Museum With Your Kids: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

If you’re going to a fairly large museum, you may want to consider splitting up your visit into two days. This way you’re not trying to cram in too much. Kids can only take so much before they start getting bored. If you can split up the visit, this will allow them (and you) more time to appreciate what you’re seeing.

How to Visit an Art Museum With Your Kids: Look with Your Eyes

When parents even think about a visit to an art museum with junior, many of them worry their child will try to touch everything in sight. That’s why you need to set ground rules. Even before you set foot in the museum, your kids need to know they look with their eyes, not their hands. I tell my kids this all the time, even if we’re not in a museum. Once your kids understand this, your visit will go a lot smoother.

How to Visit an Art Museum With Your Kids: Make it Interactive

visit an art museum
Make the visit interactive!



If you really want your child to enjoy an art museum, make it fun and interactive. The whole reason why you’re taking your kids to visit an art museum is for them to learn something and appreciate art, right? So, why not let them express that appreciation by trying to recreate some of the paintings. Bring along a sketch pad so your child can try to draw a favorite painting or two. This way there’s less of a chance of them getting bored.

How to Visit an Art Museum With Your Kids: Pencil in Time for Food

visit an art museum
Plan snack time!

As parents we may be able to spend hours walking around when we’re slightly hungry. The same cannot be said for our kids. When kids are hungry, they want to eat. They have no patience for waiting. They become cranky. Who wants to deal with crankiness? Not this mom. Scout out designated eating areas or nearby snack places so you can take a little break if you need to.

See… a visit to an art museum with your kids doesn’t have to be painful! In fact it can be fun and educational. Just do a little planning and be realistic. This way your trip will be a true masterpiece.










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