How to Write a Business Plan – An Epic Saga (not really)

Writing a business plan is an extremely important step to starting a business. So when Kim and I started Project Eve, we thought it best to get our idea down on paper. Easier said than done. Despite the fact that both of us had MBAs, we found the process and specifics extremely challenging. 

We immediately turned to what I have come to call the “University of Kim” or “Kim State” aka “the internet”. We were masters at searching and finding great resources on the information superhighway. Well, that was a big hot mess. We found 50 million articles that danced around the capital “B” business capital “P” plan but none really gave us the specific tools we needed to complete a formidable brief.

It was annoying, upsetting, frustrating. We couldn’t even figure out how to get our idea on paper. 

One night when I was surfing between Huffpo and TMZ, I somehow clicked on Tim Berry’s website Palo Alto Software. Software was a big word for me, but the site looked legit. I mean he had been written up a gazillion places. Pretty good huh. Then it got better. He was offering up 500 Free Sample Business Plans. I mean who does that. Once I perused the plans, I realized how effective the software was and decided to download LivePlan for Project Eve. The software provided a detailed template for us to fill in and allowed Kim and I to simultaneously edit into the document from New York and SF without having to email it back and forth. Genius. 

I hate writing blogs. It’s not my thing. Promotional product blogs. Yuck yuck yuckity yuck. I will however say that this software worked for us. It made our lives easier. So, like finding a good pair of shoes on sale I thought I would share. 




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