How to Write a Great Book to Boost Your Brand

How to Write a Great Book to Boost Your Brand

Let’s say you are a personal trainer. You’ve been building your business, working at different gyms, and have a few private clients that you coach. You’re full of awesome information about transforming the human body from flab to fab. You’ve delved into writing a blog to share your secrets and tips with the world but now you’re thinking bigger… how about a book?


This may seem like a huge, overwhelming endeavor. How in the world are you going to turn an idea into a book? For one, you’re not a writer. Secondly, how in the world will you have time for this? A book?! Won’t that take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish? Third, you have no idea what you’re doing.


Writing a book to complement your business is just like any new endeavor: it takes planning, work, and drive to get it done — and done well. The results are soooo worth it though! Once your book is complete, you will have a product that can be used for promoting your business, building your personal brand, and creating another revenue stream. Plus, you can add “Author” to your title! Jane Doe, personal trainer / author. Pretty cool, huh? So throw away the self-doubt and get started. Let’s do this.


Here are five main steps you need to transform your idea into a book. 


1) Research – Start by researching other books in your field and see what they’re all about. What do the covers look like? What are the main topics? How are they structured? Think about how you can add to the conversation and decide on your specific topic. You need to go from the huge subject of “Fitness” to a targeted topic like running, Pilates, working out from home, whatever.


2) Brainstorm – Once you have done your preliminary research and have a topic you’re set on, it’s time to brainstorm. If you have been in business for a little while, you know who your audience is. Think about the following: What kind of questions are they asking? What do they want and need to know? How will your book help them learn? Answer these questions and any others that pop up along the way. The purpose of this is to create a map of your topic.


3) Outline – Now that you have all your Q&A’s written down, you need to organize them all into an outline for your book. The outline needs to be detailed; move beyond simply naming chapter headings. Separate your outline into Parts then Chapters then Sub-headers. For each Part, outline a few chapters that will sit within that part and then list a few sub-headers about super specific points you want to include.


4) Writing Schedule – Take a look at your outline and set it on an actionable schedule and PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR. Sorry for the yelling… but seriously, put it on your calendar otherwise you won’t do it. Just a heads up, you will probably need to revise this schedule once or twice before you hit your stride. You will likely discover that how quickly you THINK you write is not how quickly you ACTUALLY write.


5) Publishing Check List – Once your first draft is finished, you’ll need to follow the publishing check list. Whether you’re planning on self-publishing or going after an agent, this guide will take you from rough draft to a polished, promotable manuscript.


What’s your strategy? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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Alex Zamorski is the founder of Calamus Works. She helps writers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners strategically create, publish, and market guides, books, e-zines, and more.

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