How Twitter’s New Update Will Affect Your Marketing Strategy

The brand new Twitter update promises users a more engaging, visual experience. While all that is pretty awesome, the question really rises that how will it affect your marketing strategies? Read on to find out what effect the new Twitter update is bound to have on your marketing efforts and digital strategies.

What Is Twitter’s New Update All About?

Twitter released a new update recently that shows Vine videos and previews of Twitter pictures on user timelines right there within the Tweet itself. These rich Tweets claim to make the Twitter stream more visual, get followers closer to what is happening and make them feel like they are right there with you. These engaging Tweets require users to click or tap on the preview to reach a full version. The new Twitter update has also made it easy for users to reply, retweet or favourite a Tweet without leaving their timelines. All they need to do is tap to do that right inside the Tweets they see in their timeline.

What The New Update Means For Your Business

The new Twitter update is a great new way to make your posts shine in the spotlight and catch the eye of a potential customer. It is common knowledge and a digital best practise that visuals are a vital component of any marketing effort online. The use of visuals can be the make or break of a digital marketing campaign, the difference between being engaged or ignored. With the new Twitter update, you can increase your chances of engaging your customer, especially on a social media platform that has so far, been largely text-based. Armed with the knowledge that their followers will see them even if they don’t click on them, there are several brands that have already begun to tweet more visuals.

There are many ways that this Twitter update can make your tweets more attractive, provided you are able to recognise its potential and take advantage of it. You can do many things with this new update, show off the cover of your newest whitepapers, create banners for events, share photos from your events or your office, and even put your products on display. Image tweets received 91% more retweets that favourites than vanilla text tweets, thereby giving the image Tweets an added advantage. Taking this into consideration, brands and businesses can now expect their engagement to soar to greater heights with this new visual update that is visible all the time.

Another thing about this Twitter update that is of special importance to marketers is that it has become increasingly easy for users to favourite and retweet posts on mobile. This update should help drive those actions up. The mechanics for desktop users however, remain unchanged.

So What’s The Downside?

The downside is, that like many new updates, there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up, which should happen over time. Like on mobile, some photos tend to be cropped. Some information may be lost if images aren’t appropriately optimised. While there are a few kinks that are yet to be worked out, this is looking like a fantastic leap in terms of user engagement.

So there you have it, the new Twitter update is poised to take the world by storm. The update has already resulted in many businesses shifting their tweeting strategies to include more visual tweets. From this day forth, don’t be surprised if every marketing strategy involves grabbing user’s eyeballs through pictures and videos. True success however, is dependent on the level of innovation that brands use to have their visuals connect with followers.

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