How You Can Make Your Company Stand Out At An Industry Conference

Conferences can help a company close sales, increase brand recognition, and establish the company as a thought leader in the case of a staff member giving a presentation. Being a mainstay at major industry conferences will not come easy as it can be incredibly easy to get lost in the shuffle of the conference. You will need a game plan when it comes to the attendees that you want to pitch or come into contact with. A lack of a plan can lead a company to simply waste money by not closing any deals or increasing the company exposure. The following are ways that you can stand out at an industry conference.

Awesome Swag

One thing that can follow a potential client is something that you gave out for free at your booth. Something like a t-shirt can be great brand exposure as well as keep your company in the mind of those wearing the shirt. T-shirts can help you make an impact and increase brand exposure. You can read more about it here about the ease of making print on demand t shirts with Printify. Sunglasses are another great option especially for conferences in Las Vegas as the sun can be quite harsh after a long night entertaining clients.

Present If Offered or Offer To Fill In

Being asked to give a presentation is an honor at a conference. Many conferences will give presenters and their company a free booth or a discounted booth at the least. This is the time to shine but it is important to educate those attending the conference instead of constantly plugging your company and trying to sell products or services. Do not be a wild person when presenting but try to make it memorable. This can be a great conversation point at the mingling events that go on after conferences are done for the day.

Keep The Alcohol Consumption In Check

You do not want to be the person or company that gets too drunk and makes fools of the company. You would be surprised how often this happens as some people use conferences as a time to party. This does not mean that you cannot have a good time but make sure to pace yourself when it comes to alcohol. Try to keep those with you whether they are clients or staff members under control. You do not want to lose a client due to embarrassment when they did something incredibly drunk that you have witnessed.

List Current and Potential Clients That You Want To Speak With

Putting together a list of current clients that you need to touch base with as well as potential clients you want to speak with is important. You can fall into the trap of only talking to current clients and while this might help increase a monthly order, it does not secure a new client. Take your current clients out one night and invite a few potential clients. Most people want to do business with someone they like personally so do not be afraid to have fun.

Conferences can change the trajectory of a company if enough deals are closed. Be proactive about planning what you need to accomplish at your next conference. Having a game plan will make it the most successful conference yet!


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