On Growth: How to Set Realistic Expectations

$7 flowers growth

Over the past six years of working with speakers, authors and business owners I’ve learned a few things.  Successful people set goals and they drive themselves to reach them.  But, making a name for yourself does not happen overnight.

Often, my job is to remind these “driver-driver” types that it takes time to turn into a National Expert.  At first you start with speeches to a small group, Rotary or Chamber.  Then you can evolve into a larger paid audience.  Then as you improve your fee goes up etc. etc.

The same is true of creating an online following. Many people forget to invite their network to support them on Linked In or in a quarterly newsletter.  This is how success happens.  If you haven’t heard the story of how either Wayne Dyer or Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hanson, Chicken Soup For the Soul, reached success, google it.

I show a picture of a $7 cutting from my garden.  At first I stuffed it in the ground.  Then it grew all big and floppy after 3 years that my friend told me it looked funny in the front of our house.  Finally I plunked it in the back yard and it’s found it’s home.  That was four or five years ago and now I can share cuttings with my friends.  Let me know if you want one and if you know the name of the plant, please share.  Rock On!

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