I Once Was Random, Now I Am Branded

In college one of my suite mates, Robin, used to call me random.  She would say I had the most random interests, jobs, and friends.  Just last week I met John, and he told me I was the most random person he had ever met.  I don’t believe I am random by definition, lacking a definite plan, purpose or pattern, but I believe I am multi – passionate and I do not fear change or the unknown.

The reality is, that if John’s perception of me is that I am random, and I want to change that perception, I must define who I am in a clear way.

Let’s consider my career path. Not yet in my 40’s, I have been COO of a commercial real estate investment company, owned a residential building business, been Publisher of an accounting technology magazine and website, and taught gymnastics.  Today, I am a Vice President in an online advertising company, the managing partner in a start-up, and a basketball referee. RANDOM, maybe?  Are you sometimes considered random? Are you at a point in life where you need to define your image?

Because I am at a place where I want your perception of me to be that I am an expert.  What am I the expert of??? Well that is the million dollar question, right?  I have read dozens of books on building your brand or image and I have built my website (which is still secret society), and I continue to catalogue my expertise. I am taking all of my randomness and packaging it in a very marketable manner.  And in due time I will reveal it on ProjectEve.com.

The one thing I have that most executive level professionals have is the fact that I have been officiating women’s basketball at the highest level while maintaining a family life, a full time job, and my sanity.  This is my platform.  This is where I begin in building my brand.  What is your differentiator?

You can not be all things to all people, but you can be everything to one person.  I believe this to be true professionally and personally.  Take a little time this week and consider your brand.  Who are you to your family?  Who are you to your boss, peers, and subordinates?  Do you want their perception to change?

Let me know if you have any revelations – I am eager to hear from you.

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