I took the Plunge – Part 1

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So, I set off on my new path of hell wellness. I found a place that could test for leaky gut syndrome (if you haven’t heard of it, then let Dr Oz explain it to you here) and I took the plunge.

How did I go?

It was the most bizarre experience! Not because I don’t believe in alternate therapies but because of the practitioner himself.

To set the background I must explain that my son was sick, really sick. I decided to take him with me because quite simply, we have been perpetually sick since he started pre-school and the Doctors cannot do anything. So I felt it was worth a try.

My first impression after walking into the practitioners office was “what a crock” when he looked into JTs eyes with a light and proclaimed “yep, leaky gut!”.

He then proceeded to look in to mine and well, without really knowing my history he said “OH, MY!” (but that was to be expected wasn’t it ). Anyway, that was enough to reignite my desire to proceed.

So, we are off to an interesting start. But, it did get better (for now anyway).

Now we get to do more conclusive tests including a urine sample and blood under the microscope. Of course as Murphy’s Law would have it, JT couldn’t just conjure up a wee, and is so sick he is probably a little dehydrated too, so no samples for him, but the practitioner says this is OK as I am a pretty good indicator of what is going on with him (hmmm, not sold on this concept yet).

Now this is where it did get cool.

Up on the computer is my blood under the microscope. It shows little things floating around, that should not be there, the white blood cells wasting valuable time and energy trying to eat them up and bright spots indicating other infections. Its all pretty amazing seeing it for yourself.

The consultation went on for 2 hours. Mainly as JT was so sick, and there was two of us. Warning – look out for the bill after a 2 hour consultation. Also, if you have more than one ailment that needs attention and want to hit it all at once, be careful. The more you treat, the more herbs you are prescribed. Add this all up and your budget will be blown out of the water. If money is a major issue, then one step at a time may be better.

In summary, thus far, the initial consultation was far too long. There was too much information to take in (plus the anxiety of having a very sick child), then the rushing out of the door because there are waiting customers and late appointments to attend. This left me in an anxiety spin, totally confused and paying a fortune for things I cannot quite get my head around.

This was all so bloody confusing, but you will never guess what happened next….

Have you had a whirlwind experience where you are left questioning, what just happened?

When you walk out of the door bewildered as to what to do next, has the practitioner lived up to service expectations? If not, what would be your next step?

Till next time….


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