If You Are Looking For a VA or Admin Consultant, Read Their Blog

© Marcin Sadlowski - Fotolia.com
© Marcin Sadlowski – Fotolia.com

If you are considering partnering with an Administrative Consultant (or Virtual Assistant), you will want to consider checking out their blog, or asking if they have written anything that addresses the jobs or issues you are facing.
Published posts and articles can be valuable to reference every now and then, either before you and your Administrative Consultant are working together or even after the contract is signed. It’s a great way to see how the person you’re working with thinks and see how they approach problems. Sometimes people will say more in their written posts than they may say on the phone or in person.

Another advantage of reading the posts or articles written by your Administrative Consultant is that they could be a wealth of knowledge or information in areas that you are not. This may open up whole new conversations or areas where they are able to help you free up your time and make more money that you hadn’t considered.

There are many great books and programs available for sale by famous authors as well as those not so well known. While these can all be great resources, the majority of these people are not available for you to call and ask for advice. Published posts are accessible to everyone. Don’t discount the content of blog posts just because of their accessibility – you could be missing an excellent article with a cache of knowledge that you might find useful.

Finally, reading a few relevant blog posts by a potential Administrative Consultant can (hopefully!) give you a little bit of insight into their personality. If you like the ‘tone’ of their writing, odds are you will also find that this comes through in their other communications which will make your “virtual” relationship that much more successful! We all know how the tone of emails and texts can be misunderstood!

Do you use blogs as a way to research those you potentially want to work with? Has it ever led you astray? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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