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Expressing Gratitude in your life is important but being grateful about YOU can be life transforming. Have you ever written a gratitude letter to yourself? If not use this letter to help you begin the process. Sometimes you miss the changes, goals, and obstacles you have succeeded in, now is the time to take it all in and be grateful. It’s interesting to see how much you have grown and just imagine the next letter you write to your future self!  Meanwhile use this In Gratitude letter  to help you start the process.  Download here

Piece of Time Peace of Mind™ offers Free  Resources for you. The information provided is to assist you in simplifying your life, whether it is a questionnaire, quiz or actual checklist. My goal is to create available formats that will spark your interest in the process of simplifying your life. Remember to invest in you and a simple life will follow. Peaceful thoughts make for peaceful people.  Enjoy other  FREE Downloads here !

Planting Peace…Shelley




  1. I just read your blog entry, I love what you said about ” if I am happy today then tomorrow will always be better because it will add one more happy memory ” It’s all about a collective experience even the happiest moments will pass as well the saddest moments. Thank you for sharing… I am currently working on a inspirational journal but right now have my Peace Planner