5 Effective Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Email subscribers are worth more than gold in digital marketing. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract tons of people to your website. You can educate them with useful information that converts your readers into email subscribers, and eventually into customers.

Although great content is the foundation for building a successful blog, there are many more factors involved in persuading your readers to become your customers.

Here are 5 ways you can increase your blog’s conversion rates and turn it into a lead magnet that not only drives hordes of visitors but also converts them into valuable email subscribers & customers.

  1. Create an optimized blog structure

One of the simplest ways to boost your blog’s conversion rate is to create an optimized blog structure. This structure makes it easy for readers to navigate your content. People can subscribe to any information they find interesting or useful.

Here are some ways you can optimize your blog structure:

  • Sticky header – A sticky header stays on top of the page, even if your readers keep scrolling down. You can use a sticky header to display information about your company, its products & services, and technology. This makes it easy for your readers to learn more about your business and join your mailing list.
  • Blog Categories – Show a list of blog categories, with a subscription form, on the right sidebar. This will help your readers to quickly navigate their topics of interest. They will subscribe to get latest updates about it from your blog.
  • Easy Subscription – Make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your blog by showing the subscription form on the right sidebar or on top of the blog posts. You can also get more subscribers by showing popups at regular intervals of time. Also, in your subscription forms, avoid asking for extra information that you don’t need.
  • Search Bar – You should also place a search bar on your blog to help readers easily search for articles, even if they don’t remember their titles or URLs.


A reader-friendly blog structure enables easy navigation, provides a good user experience, and goes a long way in driving blog conversions

  1. Place Call-to-action (CTA) buttons strategically

A call-to-action is a simple lead capture box that allows you to quickly display a benefit of subscribing to your blog and entice readers to become subscribers.

Strategically placed CTA can turn your blog into a lead generation machine. Typically there are 3 places where you can display your CT

  • Inline CTA – Inline CTAs are effective when you display them within your blog post after you have provided ample information related to your CTA. For example, if you’ve written an in-depth paragraph about SEO tips, you can display an inline CTA saying “Subscribe for weekly SEO tips”
  • Sidebar CTA – You can place your CTA in the sidebar, for readers to access gated content or important industry events.
  • Bottom CTA – Bottom CTAs are placed at the bottom of your blog posts. Similar to Inline CTA, it’s a smart way to persuade readers to subscribe to your blog right when they finish reading your post.

You can also display CTA boxes, based on user behavior. In fact, personalized CTA drives 42% more subscribers than untargeted ones.

You can use Heatmap tools like Hotjar or CrazyEgg to analyze user behavior on your blog and place your CTA at optimal locations, to maximize conversions.

  1. Simplify User engagement

To get more subscribers, it’s important to build a blog audience that regularly engages with your content. Such an active audience will help promote your blog by sharing your posts on various social media platforms and grow your community. A good blog engagement indicates that your site produces quality content and has a good community, thereby compelling your readers to subscribe to your blog.

One of the easiest ways to drive user engagement is to place social sharing buttons on your blog. However, in order to maximize blog engagement, it’s important place the social sharing buttons at the right locations.

You can place the social sharing buttons on your sidebar and below the post. Many blogs make the mistake of placing social sharing buttons above the post. Most readers share your content only after reading your post, so it’s more effective to place them below, instead of above, the post.

You can also display social sharing buttons by using a sticky sidebar on the left of the page. This will enable readers to share your content whenever they want, as they are reading your post.

You can also use the ‘Click to Tweet’ plugin to share interesting facts, quotes or stats right from within the post.

  1. Add Optin Forms to More Email Subscribers

Optin Forms are one of the most effective ways to grow your blog subscribers. They work by displaying a popup, based on user behavior on your site.

There are multiple ways to trigger an optin form. For example, an exit overlay popup can be triggered when your readers show signs of leaving your blog (also called exit intent). Similarly, a scroll intent CTA can be shown when the reader has scrolled through a certain amount of your blog post.

You can use tools like Optin Monster or SumoMe to easily add Optin Forms to your blog. These tools allow you to configure different types of optin forms using a variety of ways. They also offer many customization options to personalize your forms, as well as provide in-depth analytics about the conversion rates for each optin form on your blog.

  1. Optimize Site speed

No one likes to wait for web pages to load, no matter how good your blog content or how great your site design.

In fact, 40% of site visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

You can use free services like Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze your blog’s site speed, both on desktop as well mobile. It analyzes the content of your web pages and provides practical suggestions to make it faster.

In fact, Google has even launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP project) to help websites improve load speeds and optimize for mobile devices. Integrating AMP project into your website will boost your blog’s search engine rankings. It will also ensure that it is displayed in a special carousel above the search results.


You can easily improve your blog’s conversion rates by optimizing your blog structure, and placing social sharing buttons, optin forms and CTAs at the right locations on your website. The key is to understand your audience and optimize your blog to provide a good user experience. If your readers are able to easily navigate and engage your content, they are bound to become your email subscribers, and even your customers.


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