Whether you are starting a new business or making a big life change cultivating mental toughness is key. While there will be challenges you can anticipate and prepare for, there are always those you can’t foresee. When it comes time to face the unknown, the best preparation is the knowledge that you have managed and coped with previous challenges.   As a part of our work at Project Eve, we like to celebrate the successes of women and men that blaze new trails to help others learn from their journeys. With that in mind, Project Eve is excited to work with Corning® Gorilla® Glass to share their Incredibly Tough Video Series and feature this story about a woman who turned her trailblazing run in a Ninja competition into a thriving business. We feel she epitomizes the toughness it takes to meet new challenges and succeed.  The Incredibly Tough Video Series highlights the amazing stories of incredibly tough people, using incredibly tough devices, to do incredibly tough things.

Earlier this month Gorilla® Glass premiered its video Founder. Owner. Ninja., featuring Michelle Warnky. Although she didn’t know it, Michelle has been preparing to start her own business her whole life. Growing up Michelle played sports with the boys, and she played to win. Michelle was also an avid climber and later a varsity athlete. In college, she competed in the nationals in track.


Most people know Michelle because of her amazing run in a televised Ninja competition. Michelle was one of the first few women to complete the entire qualifying course. In so doing Michelle parlayed her strength, balance, agility, and stamina and became a pioneer in an otherwise male-dominated sport.

When looking for a means to continue her sport while also making a living, Michelle once again became a pioneer. Rather than start a conventional gym, she started one of the only U.S. gyms dedicated to unconventional training and workouts she loves. Armed with her love of parkour, obstacle training expertise, a hammer and some nails, Michelle started building her gym.

While one might not think a life devoted to sport would prepare you to be a business owner, Michelle’s strength and preparation go beyond the physical. Michelle has honed her mental toughness throughout her life.  Each competition, new sport, and new venture has helped Michelle get ready for the next. Although starting a business is a different kind of challenge, Michelle’s years of competition have prepared her to for the obstacles ahead. At Michelle’s gym, she balances her love for the sport with the demands of hiring, scheduling, marketing, training and all the other challenges that come with starting and running a new business. Others might be intimidated, Michelle approaches her business with the same determination she employs in every competition. She aims to push her limits knowing she has prepared well and that she will bring her absolute best.  If you haven’t already done so, don’t miss the video of Michelle here.

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