Leaping off of a traditional career track to pursue something risky can be incredibly tough. Project Eve only exists today because we made the leap into entrepreneurship from lengthy careers in finance. When you look back, major turning points can seem manageable. However, in the throes of them, you can feel like you are stepping into the abyss. Big changes can be very lonely and take courage and commitment.  Because we’ve been there too, Project Eve is thrilled to partner with Corning® Gorilla® Glass to share their Incredibly Tough Video Series and feature the story of a woman who took the leap to pursue her passion and found a way to turn it into a thriving career. The Incredibly Tough Video Series highlights the amazing stories of incredibly tough people, using incredibly tough devices, to do incredibly tough things.

Recently, Gorilla® Glass premiered its video A Tough Calling  featuring Jenn Zeller. Jenn’s story starts when she was four and fell in love with horses. Soon, she started begging her parents for a horse of her own. Eventually, her father gave in, but he predicted that six weeks of feeding and tending to a horse every day a couple of times a day would change all that. Jenn’s love only deepened. By the end of junior high school, she was participating in over 75 rodeos a year. Eventually, she even attended college on a rodeo scholarship.

However, once graduation rolled around Jenn’s mom told her she needed to drop horse training and get a “real job.” Jenn tried to let her passion for horses go while she threw herself into a career as a registered investment assistant. But Jenn couldn’t stay away from horses for long. In her spare time, she started coaching, riding, and training. Eventually, she had to make a choice; she could stay in investments and do what she loved during her increasingly limited free time, or take a gamble and give a career with horses her all. Jenn felt that life was too short to spend it doing something she didn’t like. She took the plunge and pursued what she loved with all her heart. A short time later, she jumped at the opportunity to move hundreds of miles away to work on a ranch in South Dakota. She felt “blessed to get to live the life she always dreamed she’d have.”

Many people would feel overwhelmed and overworked by a job where you don’t get a day off. However, Jenn notes that if you “like what you are doing it’s not as tough as people might think it is.” The same goes for rolling the dice on a big career move. While many of us would be intimidated by a move hundreds of miles away to a place where you only know one person, Jenn says that the move gave her the freedom to pursue her passion. Our favorite career advice from Jenn: “Find what you love and find a way to do it.” If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to look at the video of Jenn living her dream out on the plains.

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