InPower Interview with Jory des Jardins of BlogHer [Podcast]

Jory of BlogHer
Jory des Jardins is an InPowerhouse. As one of the co-founders of BlogHer, she and her partners dedicated their business to helping empower women – personally and economically – and as a result, Blogher has become a hotbed of women on the web (full discloser, InPower Women shows up there from time to time!)

Jory tells an important story about her own life about the role of writing, and most importantly, being true to her voice as a strategy for leading her into becoming a successful entrepreneur. Listen to our short 12 and a half minute interview to hear how a successful female entrepreneur got to where she is, her experience with entrepreneurism and how empowering women inspires her today. Also, Jory reveals a unique aspect of her adult relationship with her mother – an employee of BlogHer! Does she plan for her daughters to blog too? Listen in to find out.

Listen to Dana Theus with Jory D

After the interview, we exchanged some emails about BlogHer and how you might be able to get involved.

Q: How does blogging help women?

BlogHer creates opportunities for women to gain exposure, education, community, and economic empowerment through their conferences and editorial initiatives, and by partnering with them on branded marketing programs.


Q: Why is the BlogHer Network a great partner for your blog?

BlogHer created and leads the marketplace with the most robust economic and networking opportunities for women in social media and brands seeking to influence them. Today, BlogHer acts as publisher for over 3,000 premium blogs, paying writers via revenue share, and provides additional opportunities for women whose primary influence lies in other social tools, beyond their blog. With a focus on quality content, transparent practices, and personal customer service, BlogHer prides itself on making money with women, not off women.


Q: If someone wants to have their blog be a part of the BlogHer Network, what should they do?

Bloggers who are interested in the opportunity to leverage their online influence to earn money can apply to join the BlogHer publishing network. The application process walks through all of the quality criteria BlogHer uses to assess prospective network members. Additional ways to connect with the BlogHer community include creating a profile on and posting to the site (following the community guidelines). Once a member of you may also list your personal blog in the BlogHer directory and use BlogHer Chatter to push your conversation out to personal Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can review all of the popular conferences on the schedule as well. BlogHer Conferences are open to any and all, regardless of how long you’ve been blogging or whether you’re in the BlogHer Network.

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