Instagram 3.0 — What’s New and Different

It’s been out for almost two weeks now and it’s getting a whole bunch of mixed reviews. Some say that the new interface is much more appealing and user-friendly, while others persist that it’s just another Facebook clone trying to tag you at locations. Let’s take a look at some of Instagram’s newest features and you can decide for yourself what to think. Maps. This latest update provides you the option to enable a new feature that organizes all your photos based on the geographical location in which they were taken. These photos are then visualized through a photo map and displayed on your profile.
Many people have questioned the validity of Instagram’s privacy measures with the integration of photo maps. However, the company assures that they have taken considerable privacy precautions with this new feature. Photos aren’t added to the map until the user approves them, and users will be able to delineate if each future upload will be added to their map. It’s also easy to browse your map and delete photos taken in locations that you don’t want publicized.

Newly Designed Pages. You’ll find a new layout on user profile pages, hashtag and location pages. This new design is also transferred to the Explore tab where you can search for other people who are on network.

Larger Photo Grids. Those thumbnails that fill each user’s profile, are now larger and easier to see.

Larger Caption Editing. The text box available to make captions is now larger which makes it easier to write and edit accompanying text.

Infinite Scrolling and Automatic Loading. An online trend is the infinite scroll and Instagram has adopted it too. This tool makes photo viewing easier so that you don’t have to refresh every time you’d like to scroll down a user’s profile to access archived photos.

Reporting Individual Comments as Spam. You can now report inappropriate comments as abuse or spam with the tap of a button.

Instagram, a fairly young company, is already making strides to compete with some of today’s most popular social media platforms. So what’s in store for the next Instagram update? CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom says that there’s “stuff cooking.”


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