Instagram and Your Business

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Instagram and Your Business

Since Facebook bought the rights to Instagram a little over a year ago, millions of people have jumped on the bandwagon. Instagram allows you to capture moments in your life and use many different features to “beautify” them. For more details on the ins and outs of Instagram check out our previous post on the subject.

Instagram now allows users to capture and share their favorite moments through video! Ready to try out this new and exciting feature? Here’s the five easy steps:

1. Make sure you’ve updated your Instagram app.
2. Tap the movie camera icon and you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through your cell phone camera.
3. Choose from Instagram’s 13 different filters (just like with your photos) so you can keep sharing those beautiful moments on your Instagram profile.
4. Pick your favorite ‘scene’ from the clip and use it as your cover photo while the video is not playing- so you still can have a pretty image on display.

Vine and Snapchat have been the latest video phenomenons, but with those platforms, you can only load a video in that moment. The perks about having video on Instagram is that you can upload videos in the moment or from 5 years ago.

Hashtags–such as #tbt, which means throw-back Thursday–have always played a huge part in Instagram,. Now, you have the capability to post a video and add the hashtag, #tbt. How cool is that? You are not only capturing the moment in a still picture, but now you have video to reminisce on that moment!

What’s this mean for your business?

Businesses can use video on Instagram to their advantage. If your business participates in trade shows, include videos of your booth and the interactions with customers, or of you putting your products to use. For other businesses, such as restaurants or coffee shops, show videos of how you make a certain frappuccino or how you prepare for your best selling dish.

You can also encourage your customers to add videos of themselves using your products or at your event. Colleges can ask alumni to post videos of themselves at last year’s championship game to rev up energy for the kick off of a new season.

Create unique hashtags and ask your customers to tag you in their videos (and photos). Share the best on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Video on Instagram provides endless opportunities for you and your business. Be creative and most of all, have a little fun with it.

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