Integrated Facebook Marketing for Business

Unless you are in the communications and marketing field, using Facebook with your business marketing strategy can be challenging. Actually, even for those of us in the communications and marketing field, it’s challenging. There are several blogs, white papers, and e-books out in cyber space to show you how to get the most out of it. And, guess what? Here’s another one. But, this one is awesome.

facebook marketing Café released a new free e-book that shows small business owners how to integrate with Facebook. It’s different from other sources because it shows you how to take the features of Facebook and use them with your ‘big picture’ marketing plan. If you don’t have a big picture marketing plan, the café website can also teach you how to write one. I know all this because I’m the founder, so my reputation is riding on this. In our e-book, we feature our friends at Project Eve, because they have a talent for using customized Facebook tabs and that’s one of the features we cover.

Here’s a sneak peek for you… Did you know that if you create a Facebook advertisement (those are the ads along the side that you see while you are looking at your newsfeed), you can link it to a customized Facebook tab? The tab can be your sales tab, your membership tab, your blog tab, your coupon tab, your LIKE-my-page tab, your buy-my-product-because-it-ROCKS tab.

Here’s a link to learn more about the café, and claim your free copy of Integrated Facebook Marketing for Business.

When you try some of our tactics, please let us know what works and if you have any problems. Share it here, and our Project Eve community can learn too.


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