Internet Research Steps (Tips and Tricks)

Internet Research Steps
Internet Research Steps

Internet Research Steps

Internet research is something each of you does practically everyday — maybe all day long! Usually you are looking for a product or a nearby restaurant, but, sometimes, especially if you are launching or growing a business, your research will get more complex.

As a reminder, here are 6 Internet Research Steps to follow to in order to maximize the speed and efficiency of your internet research:

  1. Use your Google search bar to conduct your information searches. But don’t forget that there are other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) that you can try that might yield different information. Try entering the same keywords (see below) in each search engine and find out what gets you the best results for your particular project.
  2. Use keywords to do searches. A great way to do this is think about how you would have a conversation with a friend. For example, you might want to know more about what leopards eat. Trying typing “What do leopard’s eat?” into the search bar. Of course you can also try “leopard diet,” “leopard food,” and “leopard nutrition.” But search engines try to reflect how people think and write, so do a few searches using different keywords (also know as search terms) but try to keep it simple and human.
  3. Go past the first page. The most popular articles will be on the first page. But the second, third (and so on pages) might actually yield better, more relevant information.
  4. Pay attention to the source. If you are doing internet research on what leopards eat, a zoo website might yield better information than, say, a dog food site or a funny animal videos site. Also check out their about page and their social proof. Do a lot of people like and use the site?
  5. Keep track of the links you click through to by creating a spreadsheet or word processing document with the links and maybe a hint about what they led to and whether you thought it was good information.
  6. Cite your sources. That’s would good research is all about!

Special Tips for Internet Research Steps

As usual, Google has a wealth of helpful information, and doing internet research is no exception.

Search operators and filters help you narrow and define your search. Here are some examples:

  • Use quotes for exact terms = “dog food”. This means that results will be limited to exactly that term.
  • Use a dash to exclude terms dog food -obedience means that no articles mentioning dogs, food and obedience will come up.
  • Use a tilde before terms ~ to get other, similar terms. For example ~food will might include nutrition.
  • Say you want to just search Project Eve for a term. You could type internet search

The ways in which you can learn to improve your searching are, while maybe not infinite, quite extensive. Give it a try today and watch your world change!

For the full story go to Google’s Inside Search website and become a power user in no time. I kid you not the website will change your life!

Your Turn

Do you have any special tips or resources on how to do internet research for the eves?



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