Invoicing Tips That Will Help You Get Paid

Invoicing and Billing Tips That Will Help You Get Paid

Often we entrepreneurs get so jazzed about doing the job, creating the product, or performing the service that we might run out of steam when it comes to the billing aspect. Sometimes it stems from poor financial organization. Sometimes it’s an issue of time management. Sometimes it’s even rooted in an awkward feeling when it comes to actually billing someone. Regardless of the reason, the hard fact is that your business needs money coming in on a regular basis and good financial management.

Consider the following invoicing tips:

1) Schedule – Determine which day(s) will be your invoicing day and stick to it. That kind of consistency will benefit your bookkeeping and be appreciated by your customers. If it is better for your type of business to invoice on delivery, then make that clear with your customer and be certain to send the invoice without delay.

2) Specify – Be certain to spell out everything you have delivered, whether a service or a product. Use descriptions if necessary.


3) Date – Have a date of delivery next to each item or service, removing any possible confusion about whether it was paid in the previous month.

4) Establish Terms – Set in clear language your terms regarding invoicing, forms of payment, and due dates.

5) Contact – Take care to clarify to whom your bill is being sent. Make sure you have several means of contact. Even if your invoice is sent by email, have an address and phone number on record to avoid bills being lost or not received.

6) Remind – Establish a timely system of reminders for delinquent payments, such as email, text messages, and/or monthly statements.

7) Automate – Consider online invoicing systems for highly organized invoicing. Many contain a dashboard that enables you to keep track of your customer invoices at a glance.

Remember, your business is more than just the product or service you deliver. It’s about the whole experience for your customer…and part of that experience is the billing. Avoid confusion and follow these tips for invoicing that is clear and consistent.

The attention you give to your invoicing will definitely pay off!

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