Is It Really A No Brainer?

136216456_40df1bd6e1_bBecoming a foster parent has lead me down a very long and tedious journey. Every single corner of our home has been checked and then re-checked … all drawers were opened and evaluated. Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining—the process has been great! The six page checklist offered an opportunity to really test my organizational skills. It lead me to a project that has been sitting in my project que for awhile now.  One thing I have been meaning to do for a long time is add to my Emergency Binder.

{image by redjar}

Let me share well at the time… not too humorous situation but looking back gives me a chuckle.

When the hubby and I got married in Costa Rica, we hired  a house/pet sitter to took care of our dogs, cat, fish, and home. I created a mini binder and I added all the vital information needed for the sitter. At the time I felt like it had enough information. When we left for our 3 week wedding/honeymoon, I felt good we walked her through our home and answered any of her questions. Everything was fine as left but upon arriving to Costa Rica, we immediately checked into our hotel  and that’s where we were met with  a few messages from the sitter. The messages stated that she simply could not figure out how to turn off  our TV.  We called her right away but after many attempts we realized that our TV would be on for the next 21 days. We asked her to invite our neighbors over and see if they could turn off but  to no avail… all parties could not turn off the TV.  The sitter lowered volume when not home and our TV worked a little bit harder the next following 3 weeks. 


My mind was churning, by the time I arrived back I knew a new binder needed to be created.


 Now was my opportunity to really create a binder that had all the unique things to our house. I  took a pic of the remote and drew lines to what each button meant. It seems like a no-brainer type of appliance, but when it comes down to it… how many of us know how to work anyone else’s TV except our own?

The binder I created has all the normal emergency stuff in it, but it also has maps of where to find things and it contains items that are pertinent to our home.

I basically created the binder as if  I was walking into my home for the first time. Our binder has the default info such as the local hospital information, animal information, neighbors’ name and phone numbers. It also has our vehicle information, local grocery store and animal hospital. We mapped out the exterior of the house and also the interior. We drew where our gas line ran from house, main water line for  plumbing issues, our breaker panel and what switch turned on our garbage disposal.

Whether we are planning a trip or in an Emergency, we have a plan and I feel 100% confident that my binder will provide Peace of Mind.

Have you created  an Emergency Binder yet? If not, maybe it’s time!

You can go to FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) website

In case of a real emergency and we are not able to make it back home, I uploaded  my information to this website  as a sort of double back up. My binder is also at my mothers home in case we have no internet access and no way of getting into our home.

Need help making your own Emergency Binder? Connect with me here and let me support you in utilizing your resources!

Planning Peace…Shelley