Is It Time To Lean In To Feminism?


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Sheryl Sandberg’s call to “Lean In” has got women buzzing about the state of modern feminism. Is it time to Lean In to feminism again?

The answer seems to be “yes, but….”

We no longer have to “prove” that women have the capabilities and desires to be leaders in our businesses and society, in fact research shows us that women hold the keys to peace and prosperity in many ways. But the culture we live in hasn’t caught up. We still don’t have equal rights under the law, we still aren’t represented in leadership in numbers anywhere close to our percentage of the population or the workforce, and women and men both still have a hard time “seeing” women as leaders.

In this situation, some believe women should pull together and keep “fighting for our rights” and representation, and yet there is a broad ambivalence among other women about aligning with this traditionalist feminist platform. Many women – especially professional women – are uncomfortable calling themselves a Feminist. I struggle with this too. And while I care about women’s rights, I don’t believe we will fully leverage the rights we have until we put as much energy into accessing our personal power as we do fighting to gain more external power.

This discussion of feminism is important, and it’s especially important that we engage in it across generations. If feminism is going to help a broad spectrum of women it has to include a broad spectrum of women.

So today at 3pm Eastern, I’m bringing together women from (almost) every generation for a discussion panel about the modern state of feminism. In this live Google Hangout (which you can watch here) I’ll host Gloria Feldt, author of No Excuse, co-Founder & President of Take The Lead and past president of Planned Parenthood, Emily Bennington, author of Who Says It’s A Man’s World (and InPower blogger) and Eva Swanson, student at the College of William & Mary. We’ll explore the questions of what the fight for equality means today, whether feminism needs a reboot and how to engage more men in the conversation. Come back to this page to watch the live broadcast. (If you want a reminder email and link to the replay, register here.)

If you have questions you’d like us to address, leave a comment on this page, or register for the reminder and reply to the confirmation email.

I think we’re going to have fun and I hope you can participate!

Originally posted on: InPower Women


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