Is Over-Committing Causing You Stress and Profit Loss?



I recently went to a hairdresser who advertised a really great deal in a popular discount site. Four services for one flat fee. I had to take advantage of the deal.


I thought the deal was too good to be true (1st flag). The hairdresser could’ve charged double the price of the deal and it still would have been a steal. When I called, he couldn’t schedule me until 10 days later (2nd flag). This told me he was already overbooked with the deal. Good sign? Bad sign? hhhmmmm…


I had to reschedule so I called once again a month later. This time I was told it would be an extra $25 after I mentioned having long hair (3rd flag). I’m guessing he’d had women come in with long hair and he didn’t account for that in his offer. Already, bad pricing tactics.


So I went to the appointment and he was busy with someone else for the first 45 minutes I was there (4th flag). Three hours later, he was finally finished, but not without making comments about all the people coming in with long hair (remember the 3rd flag?) and mentioning I got special treatment (because he didn’t blow dry my hair right and was forced to use the flat iron for my ends). He then went on to mention how he spent 3 hours on my hair (um, I waited almost the entire first hour, not counting all the waiting in between because he took on 2 more people while working on my hair). I was not satisfied with the outcome. My hair was too light and I had to have him fix my orange eyebrows (I needed to lighten my eyebrows to match the lighter color on my hair). The guy didn’t know what he was doing.


Talk about bad service. Talk about a bad impression.


The hairdresser obviously over-committed and “sold” too much of his time for not enough profit. I didn’t see him take a break the entire time. He was definitely stressed and overworked. And I ask, why do we do that? Why do we over-commit to work in business, and in other areas in our personal life?


The stress alone is not worth it. Add to that the loss of profit (since I’m a numbers person, I bet if you total up the money earned by the hours worked, it comes out to dollars on the hour, if not FREE). Then, at the end of it all, have unsatisfied customers.


Why do this?


    • We want to be busy.


    • We can’t say no.


    • We’re people pleasers.


    • We want to feel important.


    • We want to earn business at whatever cost.


    • Among other reasons.



I have been guilty of this mistake. I have over-committed only to find myself stressed and burned out. Not enjoying family time and robbing time away from them. What’s funny is I recently found myself in this predicament even though I’m a person who has no trouble saying no. And, I’m definitely not a people pleaser. I’ve learned over the years being in business for myself to say no. It’s the most powerful word when running your own show. You will have to say it to unreliable employees, to annoying persistent family members, to spouses (yes, even spouses), to your children, to your friends, and to people in business who want to take advantage of you.


So, why did I find myself in this predicament?


Because I was bored. I needed a challenge and one came that seemed like what I wanted to do. Turns out, I had already committed to something I’ve been wanting to do do for a very long time. I’d committed to it long before I committed to this new project. So here I was thinking I had all this time in my hands. I did…at the moment the opportunity came up. But I’d already committed my “future” time to something that mattered to me a lot.


Before long, I was over-stressed, overworked, and in just a plain bad mood all the time. Who wants that? And more importantly, who wants to be around that?


I could see this project I committed to putting strain on my family and causing me to not put heart into any areas of my life. In the years of self-employment I’ve come to value my peace of mind more than anything in this world. Without it, I can’t function in any area. I can’t function as a business owner, as a mother, as a friend, and so on. No money in the world can buy or make up for peace of mind and a low-stress life.


It makes me understand the saying “health is wealth” so much more.


Are you over-committing?


Are you giving up your peace of mind and health for more profits or more “busyness”?


Is it worth it?


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