Is Reality Television Really our Reality?


Things I think about…

-Is yelling in every conversation the reality of most? Is sitting down for dinner with friends and ending up throwing your drink at them normal?

-Is being invited to a party only to end up with tables turned and people rolling on the floor your weekend routine?

-Are so called teachers and instructors yelling and using derogatory language with small children what you experience in your own child’s dance class?

-Does your girls night out really include drinking way to much and tears. Does your honey’s friendly game of basketball or game of cards really include the revelation of “oh by the way I slept with your lady way back when?”

-Do most little girls really dream of being a Princess and riding on floats? Do most little girls really want to sit at the salon for hours at a time getting hair extensions and other treatments?

-How many females do you know that really want to compete for a man to propose to them?

-How many families do you know that poor manners and hygiene is their norm?

-Is your sister never seen without makeup? Do your girlfriends really sit around and talk about you behind your back?

-Does your partner really suggest you get this or that “fixed”?

-How many of your children’s friends really prefer structured play time as oppose to running around in the park or back yard care free?

I can go on for days. These are all scenarios I have seen, read or heard of in regards to Reality television programming. I won’t deny I have wasted a few hours over the years watching an episode here or there. I won’t say I haven’t had discussions about a particular character on a show or that my family and friends haven’t sat around and picked a side from time to time.

What I will say is that I find and have found that on most occasions when we engaged in this activity our mood, language and behavior was in itself poor. I found that we would become irate quicker and that our choice of words were careless and not measured.

So that got me thinking…again. Is this what I really want to do with my time? Is this how I want to react to a program? What effects are all these toxic behaviors and actions doing to my mind, my spirit and even my health? Are there any benefits to sitting down to watch this other than enjoying someone else’s misery?

Do we really want our kids to sit and watch this as well? Are there any great lessons to be learned from sitting in front of a box watching others so called living their lives when in reality we should be out living our own?

What do you think? Sit and watch others living? Go out and create your own life? Laugh at someone else’s poor actions or use it as an example to talk with your children about respect?

Go for a walk with someone you love? Sit and be upset at someone else’s poor choices?

What are some things you think about?


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