Is Your Baby Turning into a Little Mover?

“He’s up! He’s on the move!” Those words heralded the start of the active baby stage in our house. We were done with the largely sedentary days our friends referred to as ‘baby t.v’. where we could sit and gaze at the new and different expressions crossing our baby’s face while he was largely immobile.


Entering the active baby stage made parenting more like a sport where we were constantly playing defense. “Yikes! Look out for that sharp corner!” “Go! Grab that penny on the floor I think he’s going for it!”  “Oh boy, did he really pull all the books off the shelf?!?” “Omg, where did that rusty nail in the lawn come from. Quick get it before it goes in his mouth!” Whether he was crawling or walking these exclamations  seem to ring through our home at each new stage of mobility.



While we were super prepared with all sorts of gear and clothing ahead of our son’s arrival. We didn’t go so far as to do all the baby proofing while our son was basically immobile.  Since babies start to move and groove at different rates we thought we had some time. We underestimated how intense lack of sleep could make time pass in a flash. Our first tipoff that our little guy might be an early mover should have been his Houdini-like efforts to get free of his swaddle during the first few months. Yet we waited.


So you don’t get caught flat-footed like us, here are some of the tips to tackle the changes you will face you  ahead of this active, crazy stage.

IMG_1621-2Babyproofing Tips

The best way to start is to get low. Actually get down on the ground and look at your home from your child’s vantage point. Wow, don’t those stairs seem steep?! Doesn’t that bookcase look tall?…and tippy?!

  • Find solid baby gates to limit stairs at both the top and bottom.
  • Secure tall furniture to walls so baby doesn’t tip these items over onto herself when she pulls herself up to standing.
  • Secure or latch cupboards and drawers that hold cleaning solutions, toiletries, sharp objects or choking hazards.
  • Consider ways to bundle and secure electrical cords
  • Cover electrical outlets
  • Secure blind cords up high. Long, dangling cords present a choking hazard.
  • Consider cushion guards for sharp furniture

IMG_1616-2Cleaning Tips

Sadly, you’ll want to clean more frequently.

  • Vacuum more to catch stray coins and paperclips that might make their way into baby’s mouth.
  • Mop more to cut the grime.
  • Re-evaluate your diaper to avoid doing a lot more laundry. Now that your little one is on the move, grip, fit and wetness protection are even more important considerations. Your baby will be putting those diapers to the test as they begin to roll, crawl, walk and (eventually) run. Our favorite diaper find for this stage has been Huggies Little Movers Moving Baby System. The Double Grip Strip mean that a comfortable fit lasts a full wear. The contoured shape allows our son to move freely and the Dry Touch Liner absorbs wetness on contact.
  • Clothing. You’ll want to reevaluate the outfits for your kids at this stage too, with an eye towards freedom of movement.  Just like with a diaper those clothes can’t be too bulky and need to offer freedom of movement for your child to grow and explore.

My last tip is to remember to laugh.  This is a fun time and often your baby’s first step at independence. Enjoy it and be sure to take lots of photos so you can remember all these great milestones.

To learn more to be sure to visit the Huggies landing page here. Don’t miss out on the chance to get your own little mover featured on the Huggies landing page. Just post  a photo of your active little one to  Twitter or Instagram along with the hashtag #SetBabyFree.


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