Is Your Business Really Protected?

Information concept: Opened Padlock on digital backgroundIf a burglar has the choice between a residential property and a business property, it’s actually “safer” for them to break into a business. It’s easy to check the hours and a few days of watching the habits of cleaning crews lets them know exactly when a space will be empty. Plus, if your business carried inventory, you’re sitting on a goldmine. When you changed careers to embrace entrepreneurship, were you sure to keep security at the forefront of your business plan?

In some instances, you might think you’re safe because your landlord or the management of your commercial space has some type of security. However, almost every business can benefit from a safety boost. Business protection via a high tech alarm system can give your business the protection it needs and you the peace of mind you deserve.

Burglary facts

The vast majority of burglars are opportunists and many are quite smart. They don’t want to be caught, and the odds of finding someone home in a residence is much more likely than being surprised by a super upper night worker at an office space. They look for the same things in both residences and businesses: Poor exterior lighting, signs that nobody is present, no alarm system (whether that’s an actual alarm, security guard or dog) and easy access.

Most burglars get into a facility simply by walking in through an unlocked door. For businesses, this might happen when someone forgets to actually snap shut the padlock to the roll up door, if someone simply forgets to input the lock code, or if the whole office goes to happy hour in a rush and flatout forgets to lock the front door.

Who’s at fault?

Hopefully when you started your business it included fantastic insurance research, but don’t assume that you’re protected. If a burglary happens because you forgot to lock up, your claim might be denied. Plus, news of a business burglary can spread and make your employees feel unsafe and your customers doubt your professionalism. Even if it’s not your fault, a break-in can lead to bad publicity and a loss of the best employees as well as revenue.

Investing in a good alarm system is one of the smartest things a business owner can do. Plus, it may be considered a tax deduction, so check with your CPA first. You put a lot of time, effort and money into making your business grow, so don’t lose it all from a simple oversight.

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