It All Started With…

As you know I love to find a good road kill sitting on the side of the road.  This one was a must! I have been looking for just this thing for about 7 months. I knew I would run across one because it was only a matter of time.

 For those of you who don’t know me too well, I have 3 Boxer dogs, 1 cat, a tree frog, an African dwarf frog, 1 fish and counting… My cat packs some major attitude in our household but we don’t fault her… she does deal with 3 Boxers all day. Her 9 pounds to their average of 90 each can be a little daunting.

Recently I changed all my animals to raw food and with that change my dogs are now obsessed with her food. I can’t blame them! It’s just too tempting when her food bowl is staring right back at them and let’s be honest, 1 lick is not that much of the yummiest food–you keep checking for more!

 It was time for a new strategy. I needed something high yet open. I needed a place to put her litter box away from view and away from my dog’s accessibility. (Love that special cat caviar!)

 The piece had to offer a lot and this one was perfect.

 A place for storage                                                                                   √


A concealed litter box                                                                             √


A place for her food high enough to keep dog’s away              √


A unit that looks decent and part of our décor                         √

 And we are off!   

Check out my new cat central transformation.

Before Nesssa

Nessa Before2

Nessa final collage 2

Nessa final collage 3


  1. shelly you are so cool. thanks for making my day with this post. one day (when i have peace) i will come back to the podcast. if you don’t already follow us on FB and twitter just know we always blast out your work and it consistently gets likes and retweets. Thanks for staying with us and staying true to self.