It’s Worth The Help


Whether you may be downsizing to a smaller space or need to edit your possessions because the details of your life have changed, the idea of moving can bring some extra stress in your life.

Recently, my client was getting married and with that a merge of families was required. She needed to move out of her town-home to a new home. The move was going to be involved, time-consuming, exciting, and at times stressful. The process of moving from one space to another requires a lot of planning. She was feeling overwhelmed and placed a call to me and soon my services were enlisted.

I was able to look at the project as a “whole” process. During the initial phase I walked through her old space and took notes and then I walked through her new space and took more notes. I created a strategy that would require efforts from all members of the family. We made decisions together as a team and laid out a realistic time frame for the purging process.

I planned new spaces for each set of boys, a new dining space, a new homework space, and a family space. The new spaces focused on gathering the new family together as a unit.

Change may not always be easy, especially when you have kids! So it’s important to create designated space for the kids–maybe a hang out, play area and or even a study area. It’s important to include them in the process of this new change.

During the course of preparing for the move, I wanted to make the transition as seamless as possible. I wanted to get them settled into their new home so they could enjoy their new found happiness. One thing I know for sure is that a move like this requires an investment in professional movers. Why?  Spare yourself and your friends the strain of having to schlep your stuff up and down stairs and around tricky corners and to ensure minimal damage to others and your property.  Movers and an Organizer are not inexpensive, but they are definitely worth the investment. How can you place monetary amount on Peace of Mind?

Instead of driving each other crazy or feeling you are one step from going crazy, let the professionals help you in this big change. Avoid moving without help because you may find  8 months after your move, you are  still in the move in phase. Just enlist the obvious help you need and you will see the rewards of Peace of Mind.

I know this family has…

Planting Peacefulness,