I’ve Finally Found Balance in my Life



{image by kmakice}

Sometimes your life requires you to refocus the ebb and flow process of tasks, obligations, and commitments. Just trying to find out what the essentials can seem impossible.

Sometimes you want to scream:

“What is the priority??” 

Should Do I do this?

Should Do I do that?” 

“Someone  tell me what to do!!”

I know that feeling oh too well.

It’s a balance of what you think you should do and what you can actually do.

I like to think Gentle Reminders will help me find my way, but I have to be honest… sometimes its a swift slap from a situation that usually catches my attention.
I am a doer, so my focus is on accomplishing, and when projects, responsibilities, and newborn foster babies arrive, my urge To Do gets magnified.

When I think of peace I think of three things:

 Community • Communicate • Care 

I realize that there are other things that can cultivate peace in our lives, but my focus here are these three:

Create your community 
You are not alone, there are people you can lean on. This quote says it well, “You can’t choose the family you’re born in, but you can choose the Friends you keep close to you.”

It is important to have friends for emotional support and physical support. We all need friends! You have to seek the right relationships that can help you. Why?

Because you can’t do everything. You can’t do it alone. There will be circumstances where you need that extra support and that’s okay.

The biggest challenge for me before I got sick was to ask for help. I was the one who helped others but I never thought it would be important to ask for help for myself.

I quickly learned  to not worry about overloading someone else. We all have boundaries and if you have friends who don’t have boundaries, it is time to cultivate friends that do.

People with boundaries will only help when they can so if they offer they most likely mean it and so that, my dear, is your time to say “Yes I need help!”

I myself find the fear of asking for help vanished and I  inquire for support. When I look down the week and I see a whirlwind of to-do’s,

I pick up my phone and call in reinforcements and quick!  Don’t hesitate get on your phone and just  say it  “HELP!” 

There are no stream line bullet points or steps to do. It takes time and practice to remember to introduce self-care into your week.

Some people think that if they do this and do that, then they can create time for some self-care. I am here to remind you self-care happens

no matter what gets accomplished in your day. Self-care is not only facials, massages, and mani/pedis, (those are really nice),

but it’s also the your emotional, spiritual and inspirational needs too. You know what you have been neglecting, and it’s time to find it,

dust it off and put it back in each of your days. If that is too much, change it to a weekly self-care. You can always work on getting

self-care in on a daily basis. Just do something to take care of yourself each day.

I believe we all deserve Peace… now get out there  find your peace in each of your days. Why ? Because your inner Zen is waiting!


Planting Peace…Shelley