Jessie Spielvogel


About me (in slightly more than 140 characters)

I’m a Texan born n raised, I have a BA in Journalism from Texas State University, I have a crush on Anderson Cooper, and I’m a foodie to the core. I hate running, I love lifting, and I spend my days working from cafes and coffee shops. I have two older brothers who regularly beat on me as a kid, so I like to think that I’ve got tougher skin because of it.

I’ve been a scuba diver since I was 11 years old, and my first job out of college was touring the U.S. in a 48 ft. trailer (seriously – I slept in truck stops) to visit lakes across the country and help teach folks how to use Poseidon rebreathers. After that, I began working for Discovery (live every week like it’s Shark Week, right?), and then resigned to travel and create my latest endeavor, Split Aces Media!  I spent 2012 working virtually and traveling to Ecuador, Chicago, Mexico City, Portland, Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Boston, Rhode Island, Vermont, and I am currently positioned in a cozy 6-story walk up in New York City.



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