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Join the Leadership Revelution

The secrets of leadership success by Graham Wilson, Leadership Catalyst, Successfactory™

I believe that in today’s competitive, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous world there is a better way to lead organisations. I believe in awakening possibility in leaders and creating Leadership Catalysts who can craft solutions and deliver outstanding results, consistently.  So much so, I’ve started a Leadership Revolution with a New Leadership Manifesto.

Having developed leaders from around the world for over 20 years I have worked out what successful leaders actually do to deliver outstanding results.  I have developed a powerful 4 stage developmental journey to build the capability of your leaders.  To ensure speed of learning and implementation I have decoded the manifesto into a system of easy to learn, simple, and pragmatic tools/techniques that I want to share with you. Contact me to find out more about the 4 stage developmental journey and the tools.

Here’s what I believe leaders need to do in order to be successful in today’s world…

Crafting: The New Leadership Manifesto

Core Purpose:  The purpose of a leadership catalyst is Awakening Possibility in people

Guiding Principles: Leadership catalysts operate with Boldness, Simplicity, and Speed 

Leadership Truths: What a leadership catalyst actually does is:

They understand themselves and have a story to tell – they have an authentic leadership brand.They are fit and healthy, they know how to get the best from themselves, they are mentally and physically resilient.

They inspire a movement, purpose is at the heart of everything they do, they make a difference, they have courage, they build a high trust culture, they go out on a limb, they are bold.

They create high performance teams, they are comfortable with collaboration, empowerment, and autonomy. They love getting results through others. They take the bullets and share the reward.

They unleash innovation, they create a culture where everyone comes up with great ideas to improve performance and add value. They turn ideas into action – quickly.

They manage ambiguity and risk, they are comfortable with paradox’s, make the complex simple, they prioritize, they understand the need for evolving plans, they anticipate and kill risk, they are agile.

They educate – they help people and organisations learn, they develop leaders, they inspire curiosity, they only tell when direction is absolutely needed, they ensure learning is applied, they lead with questions.

They deliver with speed – they translate strategy into meaning and inspire action, they join the dots, they are comfortable speeding up by slowing down, they deliver through people and teams, they energise. 

I would love to know your thoughts…

And come and join me in the revolution!  

Graham Wilson, Leadership Catalyst,  Successfactory™

[email protected]

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