Just When You Think You Can’t Go On…Be A Warrior

© Maridav - Fotolia.com
© Maridav – Fotolia.com

As I was laying on the ground with my spinning head between my hands, desperately gasping for air to the point of hyperventilating, I thought to myself “I can’t do this.” I can’t do it.” With tears of frustration welling in my eyes, I watched as the rest of my group huffed and puffed through endless pull-ups, sit-ups and many other exercises that tore into our muscles and made our bodies feel like we were on fire. After a wave of nausea passed, I took a deep, calming breath and said to myself “get to 10 reps just get to 10 reps without stopping.” I hoisted myself from the ground and took the medicine ball in my hands and did 10 more wall ball exercises before the next set of burpees. The road to completion seemed long and never-ending which can make someone feel like giving up because the end never seems in sight.

Rather than dread the number of reps per exercise, I broke the exercises down and gave myself smaller, more attainable goals which got me through the first set of exercises and then on the next batch. From there, I told myself to get to 10-15 reps without stopping and then keep going another 10 without stopping. Once I got through 3/4 of the workout, I realized the end was near and that realization gave me extra adrenaline to push through the exhaustion. I now focused on finishing with a good time.

I ‘m sure you have dealt with a similar feeling even it wasn’t related to fitness. As you have to face challenge after challenge that life throws at you professionally and personally, you become tired, frustrated and say to yourself “I can’t do this much longer. This is too much.” At that moment, you have to make a choice whether you can live with yourself for taking the easy way out or fight to get to the finish line.

We are alot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I’m not the most athletic of the bunch but I have alot of heart and dammit it at least I’m going to try. If you want something bad enough, you will take pain, tears, and sweat to reach your dream.

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