Keep Going Entrepreneurs Even When Everything Says, “Give Up”

The Magnificent Entrepreneur IS you!When you enter the market-place independently, you are really wearing your soul on your sleeve, Your essence is exposed and your authenticity shines brightly. You give up the luxury of hiding behind someone else’s image. The days of relaxing the midst of someone else’s values and mission are over. The reputation on the line is yours. It’s all you baby. The shot caller. The entrepreneur.

You are it. The leader. The Chief Executive. You are the decision maker and the opportunity creator. You are the designer of your own destiny Ms. Entrepreneur. I am so proud of you! You have given up the comfort of a regular “paycheck” for the excitement of creating your own wealth. You are no longer a wage-slave and it feels wonderful. Or does it?

You awaken every morning torn between the excitement of creating your own options and the anxiety understanding all of your success is dependent upon you. If you don’t sell, you don’t eat. If your business fails, so does your ability to pay your bills. How can something so wonderful be so terrifying at the same time? How can something so right make you feel like everything is all wrong?

You love what you do. You are driven by passion and purpose. Your work is a joy and a pleasure. What could be better than that? I’ll tell you what…Compensation would be better than that. Yes, I said it. Money, Clams. Cabbage. Cheddar. Dead Presidents. G’s and Stacks! Earning “Large” is the goal of most entrepreneurs. If it isn’t than why pursue the business, just let it remain a hobby.

But how do you justify asking people for money for doing what you love? How do you have the nerve to ask for a lot of money to share your gifts? This one is easy…because you deserve it. Where do you get the courage to ask for what you are worth? It’s starts with loving and accepting yourself and all of your glory. You are dynamic, creative, courageous, generous, intuitive and intelligent. If this weren’t true, you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

You have skills, talent and unique gifts that you have decided to share with the world, that alone makes you extraordinary. You deserve to earn good money doing what fulfills you. You have taken the risk and gave it all to be an entrepreneur, you deserve to have the best in life. You can’t settle for less. Demand the best. Expect the best.

You may not know when you are going to land the next deal. You may not know when they “contract of a lifetime,” is going to come your way. You may be afraid. You may be tired. You may even be weary from all the stress of building your business; It’s O.K. you are not alone. Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s demanding and sometimes unforgiving. Entrepreneurship requires relentless attention, persistence and determination. It certainly isn’t for the faint at heart. It takes incredible faith and fortitude; passion and purpose – each of which is within you.

You have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, if you didn’t, the notion to independently enter the marketplace would not have enter your realm of possibility. You were able to dream about your business because you are able to achieve it. You can’t intend something that is impossible for you. You can be, do, change or create anything you intend your mind to be, do, change or create. Know this is true, moment by moment remain steadfast in the understanding that everything you are experiencing is for a reason and it’s purpose is to serve you for your highest good.

Release all tension. Release all fear. Release all doubt. Release all anger. Let go of all negativity and old limitation that do not serve you well. Be at peace with yourself. Be at peace with the process of building a successful business. You are successful. You are brave. You are extraordinary. You are worthy, Ms. Entrepreneur.

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