Keep your customers wanting more through effective email marketing

After setting up a website or a blog, the next step toward reaching your customers and clients is to establish a solid email marketing strategy.

How are you going to get the word out about your product or service? How are you going to reach your customers in a less generic and a more personal way? How are you going to make your clients feel special?

With a great product and a compelling email plan, that’s how!

I’ve had lots of questions roll through my site about email marketing: everything from “why do I even need to send my customers emails?” to “I have no problem getting people to subscribe… but how do I keep them around?” and comments like, “I hate getting emails from companies… it’s just spam!”

When I first started, one of the best pieces of advice someone gave to me about creating content that will help people most is that eventually I would start seeing the same questions pop up over and over again. When that happens, I’ll know what I need to create. Once I started seeing the same questions come through, I decided that it was time to create a resource to help these people!

I launched the Email Marketing: Small Business Beginner’s Edition for those in need of some guidance and direction.

Yes, spam is annoying…suppper annoying. But this guide will teach you how to make your campaigns anything BUT spam. Your emails will be highly anticipated and genuinely appreciated, rather than sent directly to the trash. One of the most important assets to your online presence is your email list. This guide uncovers some of the most important benefits of utilizing email marketing, and it will serve as a step-by-step resource for setting up your first email marketing strategy!

Check out the email marketing guide (it’s free)! and see if it helps you reach your customers in a new way. It includes some tips from various successful bloggers and marketers, as well, so read over their advice and pick and choose what you’d like to try!

Good luck :)


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