Keeping Users Engaged on your Website

The website serves as a bridge between you and your clients. Once an company has their own website, they should be aware of the audience (current and potential customers) and their expectations in order to create the best design and content. Having a modern, streamlined and user-friendly web design, will help to keep users on the site longer This in turn should lead to generating traffic on the site, and more overall awareness of the author’s brand. A good website will allow for customers to get information as well as stay engaged with both the product and the company.
In order to meet your users’ expectations, we would like to offer you a few tips to consider when developing or editing your website.
If you compare a website to a boutique shop, one theory is true for both: the more you like a place, the longer you’ll stay. The goal should be to create an experience -and a welcoming and luxurious one at that. Yes, the ultimate goal is promotion, but readers will be asking “what’s in it for me?” Creating a dynamic, user friendly space is paramount.
Colours are the first detail the eye can catch. Red, orange and other “hot” colors together with neutral colors is eye catching and encourages reaction. Blue, green and “cool” colours are relaxing, calm, and while safe, have more of a corporate feeling. Choosing the right colours is vital and the ability to attractively combine them is perhaps the greatest challenge. The best thing to do is maintain consistency and continuity on each page of the site. As it is for color, so it is for font.
The right design is important – but it’s pointless to have a beautiful site if it operates slowly. Most users will navigate away if there are speed problems. If your site takes more than three to four seconds to load, say goodby to potential readers.
When it comes to having a successful site, it’s content, content, CONTENT! Keeping the site up to date, modern, and fresh will ensure users know that you’re active and open for business. Remember that you are competing with the rest of the web! Websites, at their best, have a global reach. So while specialized language may be part of your brand, simple and clear vocabulary will help users around the world get your info and navigate with ease. Don’t ever assume that the people visiting your website trust you or your brand. Sure you have fans and followers, but treat everyone well so you continue to earn respect.
Once you’ve got content figured out, you want to make sure the most important info is located where the most eyes will see it. But site layout is sometimes difficult to design.We know that users first focus on the top left of any given page. The eye continues across and down the page in a Z pattern. Follow this pattern to ensure optimal success!


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