Keeping Women at par with Men at the workplace


The Indian system of operations has always been a victim to gender gap or inequality. Amidst a male-dominated professional environment, it is essential for the women to have an equal footing with men. One of the biggest achievements acquired by the women of today’s generation is in the field of education. The significant gender gap in education has considerably reduced with more girls graduating or taking admission in colleges/ educational institutes than boys in the country. Where this accomplishment is signaling towards a progressive path for the women to grow, the existent gap at professional level still demands amendment.

Among several reasons for reducing gender gap at workplace, the most evident of all is that it adds to the increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), enhances economic growth and contributes to quality corporate performances. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2012, research has shown that reducing the gender gap in employment has been an important factor for economic growth in the last decade. Also, these ‘compassionate’ souls bring in a novel approach to social interactions at work. Read on some effective ways to bring the females at par with men in the corporate set up:

Equating the salaries: Paying off deserving and equal remunerations to both the sexes as reward to their equivalent hard work can encourage gender Mind the performance gapequality amongst the workforce. Also, there is need to monitor visible inequality in the area of promotions. Currently, there are not many women seen in positions of decision-making in organizations. This glass ceiling should break fast.

Establish pro-women policies: Working women are managing two worlds together. Not only are they dedicated to serve the organization, they also take up the complete responsibility of managing household tasks as well. Giving respect to such strong willed personalities, every company must have appropriate provisions to support the challenging lives of female employees. These provisions can include, allowing affordable childcare, giving sufficient maternity leaves and flexible timings to work. It is mostly during motherhood that women professionals consider to cease working. However, favorable company policies and support can help in retaining efficient and competent female resources.

According to a Chinese proverb, women hold up half the sky. By ensuring that women are on an equal footing with men in the workplace makes logical sense. There should be proper guidelines set to ensure equality of both genders in the competitive professional arena.

Recognizing the striving spirits of working women in India, ‘Sheroes’ Summit connects the top female talent with organizations who seek to create value by building gender-balanced businesses, reduce attrition and allied costs, improve profits and do social good. A presentation by Fleximoms, this is a promising platform in support of women who are working to make their choices work.

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