Keeping your online strategy afloat through the summer months


online strategy alive during the summer

Keeping your online strategy afloat through the summer months

If your town is anything like New York City, things get pretty quiet during the summer months. People are on vacation, it’s hot outside so everyone stays indoors or makes a B-line for the Hamptons, businesses have funky hours  – you get the idea. It can be a difficult time for business owners during these hot months, as expenses go up due to those poor hardworking A/Cs… on top of the lower profits and lighter foot traffic.

Now is the time to amp up your online marketing. Yup – the slow times are perfect for you to begin promoting your business with little-to-no budget through social media, and to begin strategizing how you are going to handle the droves of customers you will be swarmed with come September.

Here is how you can keep up with (and even improve upon) your online strategy and social media presence throughout the summer months! 

Really get social! That’s what this is all about, right? During the busy times, it is easy to become robotic and overuse those scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Facebook’s scheduler. You’re busy, so it makes sense to plan your social strategy ahead of time, but it leaves little time for real connecting and engagement with your fans. But, now that you may have some extra time to dedicate to social media, try joining in on conversations or responding to your audience. If no one is currently chatting with you, start a new discussion by asking questions or chiming in on an existing discussion.

Try out a new platform – like Google+. “Google+ shares are more valuable to merchants than referrals from Twitter or Facebook,” according to one study. If your biz isn’t already present on Google, it’s worth a shot! Add your business page to Google+ and start connecting with your potential new audience.

Get visual. It’s easy to fall into the trap of repeatedly posting links on your social accounts – it’s quick, it’s relevant, and it’s simple! But, more times than not, visuals, such as videos, photos, and infographics, get shared, liked, and receive more comments than simple text-only or link posts. Take some photos worth sharing with your audience, give them a fun caption, and show your fans the human side of your business! If you’ve never shot video for your brand online, you can do it with just your iPhone. Watch this video and you’ll see how easy it can be to make quality video without breaking the bank. OR – as Evan Polivy suggests, find a film student looking to build his or her portfolio and ask them to help you showcase your biz!

Start a blog! This is a huge one! If you haven’t already started blogging for your business, you may find it helpful to know that a blog is the number one marketing tool for businesses. It showcases your expertise in a certain field, it allows your customers and clients to keep current with your updates, and brings you even closer to your customers in time of need when it comes to customer service. Most importantly, it gives your brand a human voice.

Offer incentives. Use the slow traffic days to offer extra incentives to bring people in. There are plenty of ways to have some fun with social media perks, but some of the most popular include giveaways (I’m a fan of using Rafflecopter), offering a coupon code when sharing a blog post or commenting on an article, etc. Humans love discounts.

*Originally published on the Split Aces Media blog.


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