Kick Start the New Year with these Mind and Body Tips

© Anna Omelchenko -
© Anna Omelchenko –

Whether you believe in resolutions or not, the time of changeover into a new year invites reappraisal. Instead of letting old dysfunctional habits carry over uncontested into the new year, use these mind and body tips to reinvent your day to day activities to bring you renewed joy and vitality.

Exercise Enthusiastically 

Everyone knows that exercise is essential to maintain optimum health and appearance. It not only tones you and wards off disease, but it improves your mood, memory and intellect. Exercise relieves stress by boosting brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, and as stress diminishes, the aging process slows. When you exercise, brain chemicals called growth factors enhance your learning capacity. As your body image improves, so does your self-esteem. Despite all these benefits of exercise, however, many people dread the thought of exercising and do anything to avoid it. If that is true of you, change your routine. If rising early to work out does not appeal to you, try exercising in the afternoon or evening. If you are bored of jogging, try yoga, aerobics, cycling or swimming. Reinvent your exercise routine so that it is something you look forward to rather than dread, and you will be on your way towards sculpting a trimmer, more energetic physique.

Eat Creatively

It is common knowledge that nutritional food is better than junk food and sugary snacks. The benefits of proper nutrition are innumerable. Eating the right kinds of food lowers your risk of heart disease and strengthens your teeth and bones. It helps you control your weight, reducing your chances of contracting diseases such as type-2 diabetes. It gives you more energy and improves brain function. However, sometimes it seems very difficult to make the right choices at mealtimes. Think of your body as a sculpture and yourself as an artist with a work in progress. Every choice you make contributes or detracts from this work of art. If the thought of eating healthy, nutritional food bores you, pick up a few cookbooks and be creative with your cuisine. There are a multitude of delicious meals you can prepare with simple, nutritious ingredients and the addition of a few appropriate spices. Chefs around the world have been doing it for centuries.

Drink Pure Water 

The human body needs water even more urgently than it needs food. You can survive weeks without food but only a few days without water. Since water is such a vital part of life, you should carefully consider whether you are maximizing its effect on your health. Drinking alkaline ionized water benefits you in a number of ways. It is an antioxidant that reduces your risk of contracting cancer and helps to fight or prevent diabetes. It neutralizes free radicals associated with aging. It is light, tasty, and effectively flushes out and detoxifies your system. Instead of using tap or bottled water, both of which contain impurities, drink alkaline water created by a water ionizer machine, which promotes good health and has anti-disease and anti-aging properties.

Revitalize Yourself With Rest

Consider your cell phone or computer. If you do not recharge these devices, they perform less effectively and eventually do not work at all. Many people do not realize or choose to ignore the fact that they need to top their inner batteries off with enough sleep every night. Getting enough sleep benefits you in many ways, including improving your memory, spurring your creativity, sharpening your attention, contributing to weight loss and lowering stress and depression. Take time to revitalize yourself thoroughly every night.

The new year is a wonderful time to reappraise your personal situation. Using these tips, rethink the way you perform day to day tasks and alter yourself for the better in a profound, definitive way.

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