Kill The Bill Paying Headache Once and for All

Chances are if you’re an independent, self sufficient adult, you have some bills every month. The responsibility of said bill paying multiples exponentially if you hold a higher role in leadership as many of you hold  in the Project Eve community such as a small business owner, entrepreneur, executive, etc. This being said, I believe it’s clear that bill paying and keeping track of such expenditures can be a headache and stressful if one is not organized about it.

As an NYC professional organizer, let me say this: As we head into the coming year, now  is the perfect time to review your bill payment systems and optimize them to ensure that you don’t incur any (more) late fees!

First, take a look at these stats!


    • 23% of adults claim that they have lost bills, causing them to the pay the bills late and incur the resulting fees.


    • Individuals in the US spend about 22 hours per year paying bills according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics – that’s almost a full day that could have been spent with family, reading, relaxing, or doing other enjoyable activities!


We can’t think of two more powerful reasons to get organized with your bill payment systems than these! Here is some advice from our NYC Professional Home Organizer to help you save time – and money – in making your bill payments.

Remember the old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Create a zone for storing and organizing your incoming bills that is separate from your other incoming mail. Ensuring that this area is free of letters, notices, magazines and other mail minimizes the chance of important bills getting lost in the shuffle.

Some people aren’t comfortable with online bill paying which is understandable! If you prefer to go the traditional route and send your payments by mail, your bill paying zone should include your checkbook, stamps, envelopes, pens, return address labels and anything else you’ll need to make those payments. Keeping everything in one place will save you time and frustration!

If you prefer online statements, create a folder on your computer or a cloud based storage system and place statements in the folder as soon as they’re received.

Now that you’re organized and in the zone, you’re ready to swiftly handle bills as they arrive – and avoid the costly late fees that result from misplacing them. If you use the reminder app on your smartphone, I encourage you to utilize that by setting reminders for bill paying at specific times during the month–great, easy way to stay on track throughout the course of your busy day and schedule.

Save money and limit the headaches, stress and anxiety–  by taking control of your bill paying today!

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